Wallowing in the murk of pain and perplexity, she struggles to stay afloat

In traumatic sea of despair

Humongous waves overwhelming in mighty toss and pounce

Tails swirl as the ominous hungry sharks menacingly angle on target

She anxiously stares against hope – all strength drained off

Seized with fear indescribable

As darkness begins to set in, oblivion eagerly beckoning

Horizons wave distantly in disinterested mirage;

None of the four poles gestures in reprieve

As fate unstoppably sets in, it interestingly dawns on her in divine flicker

Somewhere at the very back of her being…

In spite of it all, somehow her pulse is regular


The road endlessly stretches and winds in loneliness

Pangs of deception and treachery embracing in close companionship

Savage landmines cruelly dot her course in successive progression

And sinister creatures of the night prey on her

Annihilation glows in inviting destiny

As fiery darts of obliteration come piercing through

Shredding heart to multiple miniature

She flees in rugged terrain

Under a sustained hail of slugs

It surprises her, notably so

In spite of it all, she has a heartbeat


Robbed of all dignity she faints

Begging the gods to make her vanish in thin air

She cries out at the top of her voice so they could hear her loud and clear

And in mercy grant her bidding

It all seems to be ricocheting off some deaf ear

Then it curiously dawns on her in spite of it all, the breath of life warmly flows through her nostrils


Suddenly a brilliant light shines in the horizon setting darkness to the defensive

Resigned to fate, she is certain hallucinations are having the better of her

It thunders in the distance lifting her off the ground in momentary swoop

“She is mine!”

He roars in indomitable rumble; weakness and strength fused in eternal loving bond

All goes on a  hush as the anchor holds still

She glides as one born on eagle’s wings in the ride of a lifetime

Rays of hope flash before her teary eyes in ecstatic fashion displayed in an array of the rainbow shades

She sees it now

The stepping-stones, lifelines and bridges skillfully disguised and carved from resolute diamond rods

In the daunting realm of adversity

She marvels at the enlightenment; eyes sparkling with discernment

Disjointed images merge in a magical resounding collage of victory

It dawns on her she is not dreaming

Caught in revelation she comes face to face with her essence and the reason she is among the living


In spite of it all

Her being threatens to explode in a loving surge of renewal

Alpha the Majestic dazzles in definitive fashion; echoes of the last laugh glorious:

For he is before all things and in him all things hold together!

©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved

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  1. Blazing Trail… I have to admit i truly love/enjoy your poetry. Your prose is a delight to read but i truly connect with your poems. You truly have a gift. ~Thea


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