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Ushering the invisible to defined fore in visible glow

Impossibilities turned around in live vivid show of wonder and realization

Spark magnificently fuels eventful current across age gender and culture

Unity of essence informing outcome anticipated among them all

New reality showcases all at once

Endless cascade of promise unveiling ever after

No mountain overwhelms in effect

Courtesy of spark magical elevated

Within heart of belief


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Like showers of sunshine raining down upon the earth

The kiss of life drenching in generous pour

Plant arises in blissful zest resulting

Rays to greet in mid-air embrace

Buoyed by the shine glorious


Of the sun


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Beloved of the hallowed

Esteemed across multi sphere

Unparalleled in majesty crowning gloriously

And priceless in honor magnificently abounding

Sterling of Zion enthroned eternally in design and life


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Victorious over multiplicity of circumstance

Sparkling resiliently in diversity of season

Ultimate portrait of optimism

Roots draw from a beginning whose start is defined not

Strength boundless within universal finite surrendered

Not a limitation overwhelms in effect

Strength besides self

Reminiscent chords of the fairy tales fantastic

Warming the heart in endless sweet savour

Doings magnificent of the greatest

Hero inside


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It reverberates thunderously along the breadth and length of the earth

Projecting from mane prominently dark in exclusive signature

Portrait of majesty enthroned among the nations

Glorious ripples light up the skyline in definitive spark dominant


Roar of the J major fame


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