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10/12/2018 — Leave a comment


Kindred rhythm

Humming before all things

Through time and space in knowing resonance

Lights come on in perfect synchrony echoing down eternity 

Peace on earth good will to all men in life giving dawn and relish ever after

© The Blazing Trail 2018


Divinely inviting

Aesthetic detail smites

Five sense thrill in effect

Pinnacle of excellence unleashes

All things bright festive and ambience

©The Blazing Trail 2018

Reminiscing cardinal pulse ever forward inviting

Like a love song flowing from fountain divine before time

It nourishes inner plateau with life-giving substance and nurture

Joy overflowing in ever-increasing measure and bounds

Echoes glorious reverberate from week of the stars

©The Blazing Trail 2018


14/05/2018 — 1 Comment

Spread out the breadth and length of the sphere

Universal heartbeat draws them together in matchless live current

Sentimental symphony warms the heart in remarkable beckon smiting in essence

Like mortal dots merging systematically in divine montage along stream of the live feed

Spectacle of all times magnificently unfolding ceaselessly in unquenched overflow

Eventful wonder galore where it’s all happening in abandon

Among his kindred

©The Blazing Trail 2018


Sitting here studiously deflating them in multiple fine squeeze

Much work to be done within dense network mapping the bubble wrap

One by one they give way in hope surge unleashed by explore therapeutic

Windfall of breakthrough beckons from a distance beyond bubble space block

Newly found pass time magnificently lavishing faculties with renewed perspective and gusto

Bursting bubbles

©The Blazing Trail 2018