Seems the moment is finally here

Looking back

Ride that was

Nostalgia overwhelming

There are no two ways about it

Sad to see you go

Bidding goodbye

Effortlessly slipping through my grip

Have to admit though

In spite of it all

The moment is really here



For your memorable visits

Glamorous likes

Warm comments

Exhilarating follows

For your heartfelt friendship

Deeply treasured

Knowing you

Knowing me

Substance community consist


Thank you for all

You keep me going

Thank you


This is for you



And so

As dusk sets in

Dawn advancing

Transition secure

We have one more shot


To make it count

To make it real

Second chance of sorts


Higher heights to scale

Deeper seas to delve

Thrill of adventure


I must say

I just can’t wait

Grand onset

Best wishes to you


A happy glorious New Year


©The Blazing Trail 2013

All Rights Reserved


Wallowing in the murk of pain and perplexity, she struggles to stay afloat

In traumatic sea of despair

Humongous waves overwhelming in mighty toss and pounce

Tails swirl as the ominous hungry sharks menacingly angle on target

She anxiously stares against hope – all strength drained off

Seized with fear indescribable Continue reading “STILL”


“Beware of the mystery spot that enjoins motive and conscience; More important, the enclave that encapsulates the duo. For…fff…f.” He paused, indicating progress with a gentle nod, desperately gasping for breath, his left fist tightly clenched. Continue reading “MEETING POINT”


There was commotion within the First House after the surprise distress call right in the middle of the night. The red blink at the high priority console signaling a looming shaking within the establishment was one of a kind. Security agents within the internal Multi-Level Response units were thrown on a momentary frenzy as they quickly ran their checks. Parameters marking the expansive grounds hosting the magnificent giant facility went on a lock-down mode,  with preliminary evaluation from the rapid response system having ruled out the prospect of external intrusion.

Continue reading “THE SIGNAL”

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