A ride 

It has been

Through the ups and downs

False starts and defining moments

That have eventfully been through it all

The tears and laughter punctuating turn and tide

For the dreams come true and hopes fondly beheld

There is lots of blessings to joyously count in spite of it all

And priceless memories henceforth treasuring in rare signature

Here’s to happy landings and to many many more glories to come

Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds (Isa 3:10).



Is the


Of the Nations

Crowning Himself

With power and splendor

Justice and righteousness

Go before him in majestic signature

Decorated magnificently with many crowns

His cause to zealously fulfil – this to the very latter

The Blazing Trail 2022



And sight

Face to face

At show of contrasts

Crisis peak in amplified version

That triggered hope in full throttle

Darkness quenched in the face of light

Brilliantly shinning in triumph for all to see

Fountain of life overflowing in hearty renewal

Joy overriding unbelief in strength giving laughter elicit

© The Blazing Trail 2022



Like no other

Filled to overflowing

Surmounting multiple terrain

In gracious prowess unmatched

Victory anchors in bask of a work finished

Filling life with hope and knower’s radiant smile

Life ever more unfolding in magnificent show grandeur

Like soul food nourishing heart with eternal lights blissful and fulfilling

Like a glorious symphony lovingly serenading with chords so love-filled and true

© The Blazing Trail 2022


Continued from last week…

Something about that gentle knock at the door aroused her curiosity almost immediately. A relatively easy day save for the intrigues of Cleo that were captivatingly trending across the city’s pulse. The golden giant bowl of the evening sunset kissed the skyline in a magnificent touchdown inspiring such great awe and wonder.

Talking of Cleo and blockbusters, there was no hearing the end of it. It was always amazing how he seemed to exist in this fast-paced action-packed invisible island. 

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Continued from last week…

She moved to the window and slightly drew the blinds sideways. She intently stared outside, her face gently pressed against the window pane in hopeful squeeze, as if trying to pick out a needle from the ocean.

The moment seemed to last forever. It was as if time had come to a standstill. The rapid throb of her heartbeat seemed to echo across the room, saturating it with great anticipation. She felt a warm sensation sweep over her heart as she stood there, all care decisively arrested. “But why? Why now?!” She muttered to herself in strong curiosity.

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Continued from last week…

She slowly paced across the room, a glass of water firmly at hand, her eyes pensively staring at the walls. She took a deep breath, shaking her head curiously as she made her way to the living room. Bemused, she switched on the light and for no apparent reason moved straight to the lone portrait sited at the bookshelf at the far-right hand corner of the room. That memorable evening at the dance floor with her dad on her sixteenth birthday was forever etched on her mind. Her heart began to race with emotion as she reminisced.

The memory of this evening had a permanent imprint in her heart of hearts.

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it has been

Minutes flash past

Hours scrolling through

Drawing the curtains down

In definitive applause highlighting `

Moments and scenes flood in gratitude memoir

Glorious retinue overwhelming with nostalgia eventful

Bidding farewell to the year that curiously came and wenteth

Hope-filled three sixty plus five that united all at the universal colour of resilience

© The Blazing Trail 2021



Yes you!

I have you figured out!

Oh yes you have me figured out

Every bit of me is wholly known by you

My heart’s longings and whispers of my soul

The good the true the bad and the ugly all lay bare before you

My whole to the very atom of my being resonates with the love song I do

In you I have my being and hold together in your unbreakable sentimental embrace

Yes I am figured out by you and loved even more


© The Blazing Trail 2021

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