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Like fountains of glory magnanimously overflowing

Ceaseless downpour overwhelms in definitive purpose beckon

Essence life-giving sparkles prominently in exclusive signature universal

Dry patches blossom awash with rare nourish in ensuing eventful aftermath

Cats and dogs joyously dancing in inexplicable joy resulting

Amid the rain

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12/05/2015 — Leave a comment

May joy

And renewed vigor

Go before you

Sparkling resilience


Every syllable of the day

May doubt

And obstacle

Crumble in effect

This new week


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Realm tranquil overflowing

Life forevermore

Where freedom cascades in mighty water fall


Joy dazzles in ripple bubble burst

Thrill of thrills

Divine glorious pop myriad

Peace welling up like a wide ocean

Beyond imagination

And explanation

Wondrous spectacle

In His presence


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How can it be the same again

For one and all

And business as usual prevail

As slogan for the day

In face of the clean slate


With radiance of a grand sun rise he sparkles

Good tidings in seal

Dawn that changed it all



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22/04/2013 — 5 Comments

Wallowing in the murk of pain and perplexity, she struggles to stay afloat

In traumatic sea of despair

Humongous waves overwhelming in mighty toss and pounce

Tails swirl as the ominous hungry sharks menacingly angle on target

She anxiously stares against hope – all strength drained off

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