And night

Divine sandwich

That spurred along

Awe-filled caravan of hope

Trudging to the promise in the hornet’s wake

Carried on eagle’s wings on priority flight victory bound

Sound of freedom hums in spectacular display handed down hitherto

Seal of sonship carved indelibly upon eye’s apple invitingly sparkling in sentimental signature

Love everlasting in rare covenant hinged exclusively upon redemptive motive before all things

© The Blazing Trail 2020



Runs through

Potent pulse invigorating

Universal grid alight on gracious impact

Kindred symphony rises in multilingual montage

Proclaiming his image in love beat irresistibly true and sentimental

Redemption song in victorious crescendo gloriously blooming through eternity

©The Blazing Trail 2020






Divine schedule

Strength in definitive veil

Majestic gallop along palms runway

Yeast effectively neutralized in triumphant signature real-time

Glorious spectacle cast on stone of the age rapidly unfolding

Heaven and earth in happily ever after kiss of time and eternity

Showcasing first colt in exclusive appearance heralded before all things

©The Blazing Trail 2019


By him

For him

Through him

For such a time as this

Radiating in exclusive frequency

Real time pulse underlines riveting signature

Giving meaning and direction in flawless interpretation

Divine design sparkles in unparalleled fashion inviting and fulfilling

Sing of time unveiled in spectacular fashion heartwarming and hope filled

©2018 The Blazing Trail


Highlighting the course in potently vivid landmarks

Wisdom sparkles in unparalleled wavelength glowing in eternal design

Purpose and meaning unfold on the flip of the plot ever thickening in exhilarating pulse

Divine marvel greets the audience in confounding mystery unravelling

Talking dots painting sign of the time in eventful exclusive spectacle

Color of love unveiled in universal signature heartwarming and personal

©2018 The Blazing Trail


Hope refreshes in divine rebirth invigorating

Point of no return sealing the rear in secure clutch

Five senses pense in anticipatory spark captivating in boundless possibility

Destinies beckon in multiple shades defining in life and eternity

Awaiting to greet the break of dawn with the kiss of glory

Eve of things reverberates along the four winds in compelling zest

Where dreams come true with fulfilment overflowing in magnificent fashion definitively overriding ceiling

May the day break

©The Blazing Trail 2018

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