Signal dazzles supreme

Beckoning endlessly

In embodiment of master resilience

From pinger foundations paramount

Before all things

Code universal kicks in

Reminiscent genius of always

Reaching out magnanimously

In kindred zest

Sustained pulse echoed

In multi device


Curiously unfolding


From Within


Of the ringtone beep


Continue reading “RINGTONE BEEP”


Like the maneuver of the eagle in the sky

Slither of the snake on a rock

Ship’s course on high seas

Like the mystery of a man

And his maiden

Nile speeding past

Urgent summons in heed

The tributaries stretch and wind

From source to source

Ultimate destination Continue reading “TRIBUTARIES”


Wallowing in the murk of pain and perplexity, she struggles to stay afloat

In traumatic sea of despair

Humongous waves overwhelming in mighty toss and pounce

Tails swirl as the ominous hungry sharks menacingly angle on target

She anxiously stares against hope – all strength drained off

Seized with fear indescribable Continue reading “STILL”

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