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Seasoning in exclusive flavor and authentic aura sizzling

Lights up taste buds in reflex so enlightened by wisdom’s glorious spur

Shining light in peculiar life-giving wavelength deeply true and hope filled

Vice subdued decisively by virtue profound and timeless


©The Blazing Trail 2018

A ray here

A chirp there

And a cool breeze

Gracefully sweeping past at first light

Like a crochet meticulously advancing forth in artistic design

Slowly but certainly

Shaping course for the day in glorious splash

Anticipation bubbles over in myriad of possibility

As hope holds still in reign supreme

At the break of dawn


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Amid what seemingly over saturated as anti-climax

Hope shook overwhelmingly

Hanging beneath dense cloud cover projecting myriad of perplexities

Silver lining sparkled from a distance

Silver glow heralding

Someone coming


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From infinite halls of depths invisible


Uncharted in perception and explore

Galaxy transcendent

 In phenomenal ancient magnitude

Hailing before all things

Came light magnificent

Resiliently resolute

Highest priority mission



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Like a river

Long and winding

Refreshing in its maneuver eventful

Life giving torrent

Like a messenger of hope

Shooting forth

Glory train

Spurring heart soul and spirit


Flooding the nations

Each one of them

By name


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