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Of the verily verily fame upward bound

Stairway leading to profound altitudes beyond mortal search

Explorer’s zest basks deep within indulgence of reflection unbridled

Beehive of activity along the ultimate quest overwhelmingly compelling

Beyond cap of the spectacular blue sky cover

Heart mind and soul

Endlessly captivated in wonderland bliss


The vertical axis



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Within strum endearing and beat captivating

Flowing through trail eventful

Overwhelming out-pour laden with compassion unmatched

Straight from heart of hearts

Love of all loves reminiscing in critical definition

Strumming with profound artistic purpose

Like the spruce

Of a sentimental ballad


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Why the heart goes on beating

Sun scrolls round along blazing trail spectacular

Dusk to dawn in light giving steady interplay

Behind moon’s reflective course

That seeks to beam it all

The reason


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From infinite halls of depths invisible


Uncharted in perception and explore

Galaxy transcendent

 In phenomenal ancient magnitude

Hailing before all things

Came light magnificent

Resiliently resolute

Highest priority mission



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When the ceiling of knowledge broke

Dramatic rattle

Right to the core of the universe

Stars twinkled in glorious effect

Their celestial retinue in tow

Enlightening splendor beckoning dominantly


That set in motion chain reaction unprecedented

Combing land and air in intense detail

Best of the best captured in seek mesmerizing

 Compelling quest displayed in spectacular fashion


In gallant onward trot

Toward gist of the matter


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