Like a mighty wave of power triumphantly flowing above created order in its multiple spheres and shades

Sight stares curiously at emerging confounding reality radiating intensity that diminished not

Rises gloriously above limits of circumstance and all that’s feasible within logarithmic symmetrics

Like a stream of water magnificently flowing from infinite depths in a life-giving gush inward out

Life giving fountain discerned beyond pinnacles of cardinal senses in their penta static formation

Before time

Undisputedly greater

©The Blazing Trail 2017


Overflowing with majesty and excellence anciently seasoned

Gentle flavor flows ceaselessly from his potent hand unparalleled

Wisdom courage and strength firmly girding his finite retinue in eternal anchor

From one day to the next hope sparkles through the mortal eye in renewed promise

Song of grace resonating joyfully across all ages in resounding zest and against all odds

He towers in fame power wonder and glory indescribable

This beautiful king before all things

In him all things hold together


©The Blazing Trail 2017


Personal touch anchors him in outlook and essence

Outstanding in fine detail characterizing his flawless cardinal course

Universal streak stuns in timeless sentimental brilliance self-sustaining

Crisp signature meticulously engraved round lion’s dark mane in ancient aura of time

Hope rises ceaselessly in rare buoyant glow within tranquility of the human heart and soul

Like a crisp fairy tale ever after

He is before all things

In him

All things hold together


©The Blazing Trail 2017


Like bubbles bursting forth in sentimental chorus of applause

They dazzle with power and glamour

Color of glory showcasing in spectacular fashion

Coveted domain

Where joy abounds in precious emotion heartfelt

Pleasures ever more saturate within glorious aura

Exclusive realm making way for blissful flavor flowing

Happily ever after


Within chords of joy


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Like pure water gently flowing down stream

Eventful course cascading along trail infinite

Springs forth light glorious-showcasing life’s abundance

Boundless Glee blazes in magnificent wake

Gems sparkling beneath

Fueling spectacle in sustained fashion

Heart beat mirroring

Live feed from mystery source inconceivable

Unraveling curiously

Unknown to known


Gloriously priceless

Added to cart


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Like the sound of a water fall




Cascading awesome display

Inspiring mouths agape

Slow motion precision


In high-definition detail

Iris glitters in involuntarily blink

And spin

Magnetic beckon to realms utopian

No gravity stifles

As bliss abundant

Drenches heart of the soul

Steady divine seep

Life comes alive

When praises start


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