Inviting, irresistible, drawing in tantalizing fashion to the Promised Land

A terminally elusive destination dotted with infinite mirages

Heartbeat of false promise

Passion along course of wrong turn

Full flight down the bottomless pit

Pull of the crater mouth in full zest

The mystery of self

A centre like no other

Where the world rises and falls

In litmus scrutiny of ultimate yardstick


 Screen saver of the monstrous cancer depicted

in the intriguing cause


Appetite no ten course of elephant menue could satisfy

 The befriending handshake binding to oblivion

At the centre of self

Where the world in her enormity rises and falls

Under the careful gaze of the microscope

At the very core of self

O the tragedy therein

As the plot thickens

The confidant who will disappoint

Embracing partner who will disgrace at the eleventh hour

Past point of no return

Pathway that will run to a definite dead-end

When all is said and done

And all has been laid bare for all to see

Subject matter


Travail in futility

Rumble toward self destruct

Disaster waiting to happen

Thanks to the nerve centre


 He rises high above

Gracefully sweeping across the seven seas

The hemispheres to secure

Depiction of the difference there exists

Painting the image of contrast in authentic detail unmatched

Relieving of the ominous veil entangling the eye

Desperately seeking sight

Sometimes numbed in ignorance

Taste of self’s ultimate antidote

Self giving, magnanimous, liberating

To the human soul

The joy of life

In fulfillment


In life-giving glow he radiates divine magnificence

In a ray that will not be quenched, the fountain that will not run dry

Passion that will guide in lifeline till the day is done

And self has ceded all ground

As the shenanigans underlying are decisively muted

Beauty of life restored

In a touch synonymous with him

Exclusive with him

Divine design-eternal


For he is before all things and in him all things hold together!

6 thoughts on “MONSTROUS

  1. My favourite professor when I worked on my Masters but unfortunately passed away several years ago would have so loved your writing. Thank you!


    1. You’re most welcome Thea. I’m extremely humbled. Your gracious words no doubt about paint a remarkable picture of his magnanimous heart. Most grateful for your warm support. Kindest Regards.


  2. Beautiful.. Heartfelt..
    A journey of falling in an abyss and coming out and flying high.. A tale of awakening. Much praise to you. Thanks for sharing this.


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