Rising the occassion

Triumph in paradigm shift

Carved upon courageous pulse

Seizing in definitive standout amid Peculiar times

The moment fused in destiny’s seal radiating mission and purpose

© The Blazing Trail 2019



Love in ripple effect

Stretches to the ends of the earth

Magnanimous embrace endeering ceaselessly

Bouyantly rising above default prejudice ensnaring

Breaking walls in resolute course toward universal love symphony

© The Blazing Trail 2019



Priority code

Unfolding magnificently in live feed

Stretches timelessly in infallible signature

Universal spectacle adorns in essense flawlessly lavishing soul

Discreet lustre marks potent flow smiting in real time love chase

Majestic pace punctuating drumrolls rumblung in glorious cresecendo

Triumphant course secured on schedule beneath prophetic firewall classified

Cardinal divine protocol before all things

In him all things hold together

© The Blazing Trail 2019


Refreshingly sweet and surreal

Overflowing like a river life-giving and tranquil

Heart soul and spirit mount with eagle’s sure glide

To distant horizons ever unfolding with wondrous adventure and spur

Wonder of one moment in lifetime

Reeling from refill eventful


©The Blazing Trail 2018



Like steps inspiring rare direction ever forging forward in resolute peculiar stride

Epitome of consistency flowing against the grain…accelerated spur against counter tide

Northward dynamites stand out as virtuous skyscrapers across timeless generations

Like divine messengers bearing hope they refreshingly grace times days and seasons among expectant mortals

Rising to the occasion in ceaseless gusto…each stride a calculated mystery dumbfounding critic and admirer in countless captivating twist

Marching gallantly from known to the unknown infinite horizon in symbiotic dance with destiny unpredictably exhilarating

Leg…ace…y engraved in chosen immortal footsteps along the universal straight and narrow lane

Above disuade and mulitplicity of the all entangling pricetag

From whence populace must compellingly find their way beyond the veil

©The Blazing Trail 2017


Before time

Real time

Eternally live in potent essence sparkling in stunning radiance

Colors and shades reverberate knowingly all across multilingual sphere

Spectacle akin dream come true chorus in personalized touch profoundly heartfelt

Identity holds identities together in cardinal embrace defining meaning and purpose definitively

Life divinely overflowing in energizing magnanimous bubble

Ceaseless joyful fountain

Magnificently lighting up eventful wake

Something finally experientially real


The first name

©The Blazing Trail 2017


Reminiscent pulse of master trailblazer epitome

Studiously charting courses and destinies with profound detail unparalleled

Skillfully turning utter impossibilities to spectacular fountains of hope overflowing

Soul lifts in renewed spur and zest sporting limitless invigorating relish

Bathing the human heart with peace love and joy endless

Chords of cherished way maker  rising ceaselessly in authentic fashion

Artistically spicing life’s trail with seasoned punctuation and overcome

Purpose and meaning definitively unveiled in decisive worth and prevail enduring


©The Blazing Trial 2017


Nothing compares to the feel within electrifying spur of all time

Potent hum vibrating endlessly from beginnings unknown

Nape follicles stun with wonder overflowing intensely

Life giving spark exhilarating on eternal impact

Heart races in mystery pulse resulting

Reminiscent thrill ooze

Of the live wire


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Within beehive of activity

It’s all systems go

Foray of the nations

As Clock ticks

In what increasingly shapes up as race against time

Imminent scenario taking shape


And eventful

Rapid motions of finality


Before all things

It’s the lockdown

Of all ages


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