Continued From “Mermaids of the Bermuda”

“How outrageous! Out of your mind is what you are!”

“Oh! I can’t believe I’m listening to this!” Protested an elderly woman, her hands blocking her ears. “I need to get out of here pronto!”

“And you haven’t heard about the disputed chopsticks yet. Definitely not a place for the faint hearted  mum,” pointed out the paparazzi on a light note.“Oh! I knew you so desperately needed help the very first time I saw you…revelation at first sight! That’s for a fact, son,” rejoined the elder in spirited protest.

“So the mermaids are having chopsticks for cutlery or is it dinner?!” Teased the youthful lad eliciting a roar of laughter from the crowd.

The situation at the East was already a breaking news item as the press pitched tent in great anticipation. All traffic had been diverted to alternative routes as the East Zone remained securely cordoned off.

Then followed the moment that saw all following the event throb with a rush of adrenaline as the hooded seven man Special Forces team arrived at the epicenter. It was the breathtaking tags marking their rare gear strapped on their backs that had the curiosity of many watching aroused beyond measure. This of course did not evade the scrutiny of the reporter at the terminus:

“I expected eight. One of them, in the order of Alpha the Majestic is missing. That’s remarkable! Remarkable because it seemed at some point  the situation at the East was a rebut of his presence here. We’ve had a rising number of such since he set foot on our territory.” He muttered curiously from behind his lens.

“Would you save us the details please. What can you see? Tell us something at least!” Pressured the cab operator.

“The marines have landed!” Exclaimed the paparazzi. “Better be ready for the hell that breaks loose.”

“Well, tell us more! Are they in combat gear?” Someone shouted anxiously.

“Any signs of chopsticks?!” Added a farrier in jocular tone, calmly standing by his Peruvian Paso.

“Oozing machismo! That’s the first one!”

Are you kidding me?! Someone shouted in bold interruption.

“Armed and dangerous, number two!”

“For cheesy! May day! Mayday!” Followed another interruption  from the crowd.

“All protocol observed-most revered, is third in the line!”

“Eloquence Extraordinaire-spokesman, marks number four!”

“Somebody please help! What on earth and in heaven is he talking about?!” The mood in the terminus turned somber. Curious onlookers covered their mouths with their palms, unable to hide their shock.

“Touch at your own risk is our special operative number five!”

“You can’t see me-covert the first, is sixth!”

“Last and not least we have…”  He paused a bit, straining to catch a better glimpse. “There you go! Mystique Epitome-not for eyes!”

“Are you for real?!” Shouted the youthful lad short of wrestling the wonder tool from his hands.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is promising to be a day to remember, on all fronts. Ripples will rise today at the Bermuda. Never before have I witnessed such a joint high scale deployment of lethal power in confrontation of hostility.”

He couldn’t have been more accurate. When evening came, the City’s Intensive Care Unit had some seven unusual guests, undergoing treatment for severe multiple injuries sustained from contact with extraterrestrial elements.

“Knowledge has her domain; like experience does. It is best to pursue the two and for the both to share a common source. Kinetic power demonstrated. All else  could tragically miss the mark. We learnt from the best!” Read a press release bearing the heading “Memoirs of the Drama that was” and signed by Eloquence Extraordinaire-spokesman.

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