Love magnificent

Magnanimously endued

Resiliently navigates season

Firmed up in eternal promise priceless

Sentimental pulse prevails over uncertainties within and without

Happily ever after in shades gloriously cascading beyond visible realm

Ultimate signature enthroned in universal prominence unmatched in compassion

© The Blazing Trail 2020



Course eternal

Reislliently towering

Through shifting tides of time

Definitively subdued in fortitude

Hope unleashes in divine gush overflowing

Life giving ray solidly unparalleled in theory and experience

Ancient of days melodiously strumming multicultural symphony in exclusive directional chart

© The Blazing Trail 2020



Across time

And geography

Redemptive pulse underlines

Love’s motive soaring supreme

Reminiscent eagle’s glorious swoop in resolve and target

Will neither stall nor falter in time and eternity

Zion’s quest magnanimously blazing to the ends

©The Blazing Trail 2020


Life and royalty in sentimental embrace inspires wonder in its expansive scope outlined far into cascading horizons far

Immortality magnificently reaching out to a priceless finite order in heartfelt appeal flowing deep from seat of emotion

Echelons invisible reign supreme in exclusive signature looking over in divine canopy overarching

Hope bubbling over in ceaseless bliss reminiscent eternal chords gloriously humming from distant utopia coveted

Sentiments heartwarming ocean blue

©The Blazing Trail 2017


Preceding the five senses in trail endless decisively beyond scope of reference

Comprehension’s wonder  spirals from sixth sense in unconventional mystery fashion sparking curios quest unquenchable

Explorer’s heartbeat accompanies in heartwarming background track ever leading onward in exhilarating drift

Above beneath and beyond united in kindred infinite symphony heralding defining essence out of cognizant realm

Hope affirming in blissful anchor transcending see and know

Ever after

© The Blazing Trail 2017


Cruising rapidly in real-time along the accelerating lane of time historically uncharted

Taxis down the runway for the soar into unchristened skies magnanimously inviting

Magnificent sunrise bowl gloriously bathes the skyline in warm refreshing glow

Amid defining voyage loaded with eventful promise just setting sail

Hope fills the air in gracious overflow fueling possibility myriad

Joyous romp and pomp spruces up the significant interval

That with profound optimism bountiful

Within heralded ten moons and two

Gloriously dotting due course


©The Blazing Trail 2017



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