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They have come and gone

Intrigues through the generations

Spectacular arrays in their multiple cause

Reminiscent grand mirages

That shot up in massive volatile fumes glowing

Only to vanish in thin air en route

All has been said and done hitherto


The promise holds strong in supreme signature

Sure foundation sheltering the human soul

Beyond sight


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Within strum endearing and beat captivating

Flowing through trail eventful

Overwhelming out-pour laden with compassion unmatched

Straight from heart of hearts

Love of all loves reminiscing in critical definition

Strumming with profound artistic purpose

Like the spruce

Of a sentimental ballad


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Clean slate sparkles in wake

Scented breath

Lacing the early lush meadow grandeur

In modulating gentle gush


Birds chirp in lofty chorus

Inspiring soul beyond limits

Kites floating effortlessly within prominent aura

Cast upon the clear expansive sky crisp


No care accosts the heart

When the morning comes


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27/04/2015 — Leave a comment

Close by

Holding it all together

Through the valleys

And mountains

Terrain laden with variety

Of event

And thrill

You are here

Blessed hope



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It sweeps

In full three sixty swing

Seeking in earnest

Sentimental heartbeat andante

Smiting in eternal embrace

Glorious echoes

Sweetly seeping through

Drawing heart and soul

Epicenter irresistible


Love wave



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