It is the captivating story of a grand mystery air craft on a global rendezvous whose coordinates a master pilot set in place and went to sleep before all things. As it maneuvered the intrigues, turbulence, and finer details of the eventful flight, he soundly lay asleep…for he securely held all cords together. He was surprisingly at hand exactly on the touchdown schedule to receive his guests and declare the “Mission Accomplished.”

…If the spectacular mystery of the eagle flamboyantly gliding across the sky above the storms could be explained, or the dazzling phenomenon of the serpent slithering the rock could be fathomed; If the awe-inspiring marvel of a ship tearing through the high seas could be comprehended or the wonder of a man with a maiden figured out, then the grand mystery would stand a meager chance for a resolution someday.


The elderly grey haired man keenly zoomed in his high-powered lens to catch a closer view of the cat. He majestically wagged his tail from the rocky hill-top with a backdrop of a spectacular sunrise as the birds filled the atmosphere with inspirational melodies. An early morning sweet-scented breeze softly swept from the densely flowered mountain top adding to the glamorous sensation. Notepad tightly clasped in her mouth, the female journalist standing next to the elder struggled to fasten her hair behind her head, as it threatened to topple her cap over under the breeze.

It was barely six hours since word had broken out on the unexplained sudden appearance of the mysterious big cat. His thick dark uniquely set mane and thunderous roar had the entire wildlife fraternity confounded especially on his origin. The news article was readily gaining momentum, triggering unprecedented curiosity with the masses anxiously awaiting some unraveling of sorts.

“Certainly Epitome of the species this one!” exclaimed the elder, his belly on the ground as his lens finally and neatly locked the moment he had patiently been waiting for, ready for the all defining click: The feline’s whiskers! His moment was interrupted by the animal tilting its head at forty-five degrees. What followed next brought great panic and a major stir within the sizeable crowd of experts drawn from across a variety of National Disciplines gathered at the scene of revelation.

The ground shook violently and birds took flight from the tree tops as the potent roar rapidly reverberated on the horizon in a series of cascading echoes; a resounding seal of authority. Curious glances were quickly exchanged among all present. The solid command in this spectacle was unleashing a curiosity that wouldn’t be quenched easily. It sent every predator scampering for cover; every gate of evil shaking to the core. It unleashed a glow so radiant no color of darkness could withstand; a nightmare to the guardians of status quo…worst nightmare.

“Did you hear that?!” Exclaimed the female journalist with guarded curiosity.

“Yes I did!” responded the elder animatedly with wide open eyes as he made some successive clicks.

“There you go! Let’s see what we have here.” He heaved a sigh of relief as he rolled over and ejected the memory stick from his camera. Several others within the team fumbled with their binoculars to catch a perfect view of the stationary display. He ran his shots through the data base in his miniature tracking gadget.

“Oh my goodness! It had to be him! No one saw this come! Absolutely nobody!” All eyes were glued on the elder. He seemed in a mental journey as he recounted the tale.

“It’s been years since he was last seen, a lion cub of twelve days at the time. Barely a sprouting seed. I remember he had strayed from his pride back then and caused such a stir in the new pride he found himself in, a stir that was so uncharacteristic for a twelve day old. He rejoined his pride later albeit reluctantly. I clearly remember that last moment how he stared at the new pride, like he was vowing to be back. His parents seemed amused! He sealed it with this amazing roar. Again, most amazing for his age. There was something about his roar even back then.”

“Are you sure it’s him?”

“Absolutely. No one cat’s whiskers are identical with another’s. It’s a great mystery where he’s been all these years. No one ever saw him ever since that day. Based on the most dramatic events of the last few hours however, it seems he’s not been static in progress wherever he’s been. He’s gone through a metamorphosis of sorts i reckon. Now he’s here. I get the feeling he’s just on time! Don’t as me on time for what?!” He shrunk his shoulders,eliciting laughter from his listeners.

“Who knows what to expect next!”

The elder paused a few moments before continuing in what seemed a calculated tone.

“There are moments and events; this is a moment, one that will shape the destiny of time, history, people and Nations. Here’s the one in whom is hidden the confounding mystery destined for the fall and rise of many and for a sign that will be spoken against, so the concealed thoughts of many may be exposed.”

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All rights reserved

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  1. What a great, lucid story – I loved it. Oh, it was just lovely 🙂 EXCELLENT!


  2. nice work -Ive been on the computer for over a week=sick-then the cable got messed up, I had 977 messages piled u, so obviously I wont be able to do a lot-still not well-rough week. Hope you are doing well–beebeesworld


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