My name is Macho. I will fearlessly tell of the moment that forever altered the course of my life. Let’s just say I belonged in relegation, somewhere in the shades of insignificance. Literary. And in every respect. That pretty much for the better part of my life. This was of course enough to have perfectly configured me to be synonymous with defeat. There are places I had come to concede the life manual had definitively stipulated as out-of-bounds for me…such as “where the action was.” That belonged to others, those who had the numbers, expertise and gusto to their advantage. I knew I would never have that. All odds stood against…East or West. I effectively became a firm subscriber to fate. Especially because I knew mine was sealed. That was I, Macho! My life; real-time.

Tucked somewhere at the back of my mind all along was a glimmer of some unresolved paradox. It was sizable enough to strike a chord courtesy of my controversy laden heritage, yet too small to make a difference…far as my life was concerned. For others, it had allegedly made a huge one, setting them apart from the echelons of defeat, relegation and helplessness to stand as towering skyscrapers. In this regard, I guess it only made perfect sense for everyone to mind their own business, better still stay their course. Mine of course was cast on stone: Relegation.

I had grown to embrace the magic of folk tales with profound fascination, especially on the co-relation between the visible and invisible realities, one at the epicenter of the very mysterious unresolved glimmer. Basking in the warmth of this fantasy brought some temporal reprieve to an otherwise vain soul. It was in its amazing ability to be in touch with realities out of the visible realm. That was just so limitless, so liberating. One could go on and on and get lost out there! Such an awesome experience lingering in such, even if for a moment.

It was reminiscent to the glorious days of childhood, when care was far from me as the sky from the sea. The coveted days when the secure anchor of innocence, vulnerability and trust lovingly embraced my peers and I in a protective grip. We had nothing to prove. Nothing to lose. Days when dreams came true at the faintest of wishes and sky was no limit. We waved across the sky in extravagant abandon as kites under the gentle breeze of the evening glow. We could conquer the world. Bubbling with unrestraint and fantasy we cheered in joyous melodies. We had no idea where we were coming from or where we were going and frankly it just didn’t matter! Those were the days, when no boundary existed between the two realities. We were legitimate bearers of dual citizenship status. Nothing could beat the feeling!

Now for me, Macho, there was only emptiness left. Such moments flashed by as fleeting glimpses of far gone memories. Then it would be time to get back to earth, most of the time against wish and will. Back to the visible status quo with its well laid out rigid order. To an analogue system where logic reigned supreme. Whatever could not fit in this mound was automatically branded as folk tale.

There were vivid moments the inner turmoil became unrelenting. When the discrepancy between the two realities vehemently demanded for explanation. What if, it was really true? That the invisible with its perceived influence actually existed? What if there was actually a chance of making contact? What then was the formula and how reliable was it? And what was at stake missing out while others were truly living and enjoying life where the action was? Clearly a case of more questions than answers.

I have said it before, I will say it again. There are things best reserved for experience. Things that could only make sense when they have finally dawned on someone. As I ultimately discovered, there might be some wisdom in keeping that door open: That it could be real; there is a chance it could happen! As the bolt of fire burst before my eyes and the celestial visitor vanished in thin air before my very eyes in broad day light, I had a feeling the drama was only beginning!

I had a few immediate challenges to contend with though. First was the validity of my new name. Me? “Macho?” This was undeniably the joke of the millennium! Secondly the cost of the assignment at hand. I could not help it but perceive it as a death trap. I wished I was only but dreaming, but then I was not. It was one of those rare moments you really want to come back to earth. And fast! In a sudden twist of events, fate had set me up right at the centre of a savage cross fire between the visible and the invisible. I was scared stiff yet ironically compelled at the same time. It is where the rubber ultimately meets the road. If you ever set out to lay a finger on the status quo, you’ve got to be ready for the hell that breaks loose! My covert overnight operation served as the perfect illustration and reminder.

The city woke up to disturbing news of a major offensive from the East as a formidable show of might by a coalition of allied forces decisively besieged us. To call it a mismatch would be an understatement. The situation simply lacked definition for all who watched it unfold, elderly and youthful alike. We were outnumbered beyond description. If the particles of the sand at the sea-shore could be counted, then it would have been possible to number the force we were up against. The Nation slumped to a panic mode.

I mustered every man within my vicinity for a life and death showdown but to my shock I was learning rules existed in the invisible realm too. I was like one in chains, doing only what asked to do, when and how asked to do it. I could not believe it watching my overwhelmingly outnumbered outfit trimmed to a thread. I watched in disbelief as the best of me, the best of my line up was heartlessly shed off. Talk of baptism by fire! I was like one stripped.

It was here i began to behold the magnitude of the matter in a lesson meant to leave a permanent imprint in my mind, heart, body and soul. A lesson for the lowly and lofty alike…and to all walks of life-what power there be in humility. For beyond the veil of what is seen with the naked eye lies such a potent unlimited world of opportunities. One that dwarfs the intimidating natural realm-beyond measure. For it is the source of all that’s visible, where the real action happens; calling the shots! And there is an access road to this reality calling for two prerequisites. For the first time in my life I received true sight as insurmountable units of royal armies and chariots of fire until then invisible to me went before my lean outfit of three hundred in a Blazing Trail.

I embraced a new lease of life and identity as memories of my childhood came flooding in. A meticulous make over. Yielded, vulnerable and in full trust we roared on in exploit. Finite captured in the overwhelmingly magnificent glory of the infinite. As I raised my hand in full salute at the grand culmination of the successful day, it was to Alpha the Majestic, before all things. The moment  had been reminiscent to riding on the wings of a giant eagle. Nothing could beat the feeling! The enlightenment that forever altered the course of my life. Calling for contact. More importantly, relationship.

©The Blazing Trail 2012

All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “STRIPPED

  1. “Crossing over” comes to mind as I read your adventure. May you never lose the stimulation that spreads your wings.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


  2. This post is so awesome that i am struggling for enough words of praise . Let me just say BRAVO! my talented friend!


  3. You do describe the times of our innocence so well. I wish I could return to those times. Wonderful details.

    Thank you for visitng my blog.


  4. Every sentence, every little expression in this write up is a masterpiece. But coming from you, it doesn’t surprise me!
    I have read this over and over so many times now, still awed!


  5. ‘When the discrepancy between the two realities vehemently demanded for explanation. ”

    “… no boundary existed between the two realities. We were legitimate bearers of dual citizenship status.”

    “It was in its amazing ability to be in touch with realities out of the visible realm.”

    I loved my childhood world and strive to retain the unique personal realm that belongs to me. The “bearers of duel citizenship” – Oh what a perfect description. Adults do not have this expanded universe and dwell in the mundane one dimensional world. My imaginary world was just as real and despite what the childhood psychologists would present as a dangerous delusional propensity it belonged to me and I was balanced because I could switch back and forth between worlds. Children do know the imaginary and the real are two different planes but as your discourse seems to present, what a glory it is to dwell in both intermittently. Besides, my teddy bear was the best friend and confidant I ever had as I enter my seventh decade of life.


    1. I was deeply moved by your account Carl…wow! Such honor!There is just this glorious enigma about childhood…nostalgic in essence.Most admirable. I hope i can glean more from your evidently eventful six decades plus.Im looking forward. Thank you very much for stopping by.I’m watching this space. See you around and my very best wishes to you!


  6. I admire you because you are so productive and clearly dedicated to your writing, but must ask you to forgive me for some critical comments. In this story and in several others you give an involving account of your narrator’s emotional responses, but do not provide enough narrative or description. Readers are interested in the events in a character’s life. We need to know exactly what is happening, to see with your narrator’s eyes. In this story it seems that Macho’s city or town has faced an invasion – by whom and why is not explained, and we don’t find out how he came to choose the name Macho either. I think you need to give more details and a fuller explanation of what drives your narrator’s emotional journey. How about other characters, that are only implied here, and some dialogue? I write this with the greatest respect and a sincere wish to support your dedication to writing, so I hope you don’t mind! The story is the key to any narrative, your character’s emotions must come from what happens.


    1. Thank you for the honest feedback my friend. Well taken and you are welcome.It takes interest,time and real effort i believe for one to evaluate over time and come up with a well thought out response like yours. Thank you.You are truly a good man! Lets see what happens in the next couple of them posts. Please keep the feed back coming. Have a lovely week!


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