Of the increase of his Dominion there shall be no end…for the whole earth will be filled with his glory as the waters cover the sea…

The Pioneer rubbed his eyes with intensity in the wee hours of the morning as he gently lowered his receiver back on the hook. He reached for his bed side switch as he slowly but compellingly slid off his warm bed sheets in the warm radiance now glowing through the entire room. He sat up and down for a moment in a pensive mood. He slid on his bathroom slippers and moved to his study where he turned his personal computer on before fixing himself a cup of coffee from the adjoining kitchen, his mind racing as he processed the situation before him precisely at the stroke of 0500 Hrs.

He had for the last couple of months been gearing up for the grand entrance of The Trail into the Orient and was expectantly awaiting the signal from there. Now, from all indications, it seemed he had to make a detour for Europe instead. He slowly made his way back to the study in deep reflection, turning on the giant stereo by the wall next to the door before slumping on his seat,  heaving a heavy sigh in the process.

He began to scan through the expansive continent at the verge of an all important visitation or was it invasion? He could barely hide his thrill all the same. A part of him was still trying to come to terms with the sudden turn. He wondered whether he would ever have the privilege of christening the Orient. Could it be The Blazing Trail had reserved it for someone else? Not even the rich gold reserves from their new assignment could console. This was one of those moments he was having more questions than answers. He reckoned he had to leave the details to the all-knowing realm they belonged to; before all things. His mind lingered for a while on the closing remarks of his distressed caller:

“Beware of the backlash of false light!” He felt the half whisper cut into his bones. He tapped the tip of his nose with his index finger pondering over then got his exclusively designed laboratory flash light from his drawer and pointed its sensors to the litmus portrait on the wall. He gently pressed the T-shaped switch and keenly watched as the white beam outlined the executively dressed image of a man on the portrait. He turned his flash light round and pressed the D-shaped switch. His laughter echoed across the room as the white beam vividly outlined the hilarious image of a chimpanzee eating a raw banana where the smartly dressed gentle man had outlined only a moment ago. He remembered the words of his mentor who had brought him the gift:

“Light is good…all the time! In our day and age, it is not enough just having it. The source matters more. And you’ve got to really know how to tell the difference!”

He could not resist the strong urge for one more glimpse at the primate before dashing out with a chuckle into the bathroom. He knew he had to call his three colleagues right away and brief them on the new development.

How often bondage has erroneously been embraced as freedom! Like the all time universal mystery, it’s in the eyes of the beholder. Strangely! Sometimes Truth and Deception are worlds apart. No rocket science is needed for the dividing line. At times, a thin line divides the two, one that desperately reaches out for the penetrating frequency of a laser beam. It is the kind of line such as The Source can draw. And sometimes the thinner the line the greater the impact when the two worlds collide in a decisive battle for supremacy! In the end, there is no substitute for truth. And the winner takes it all.

Taking it a notch higher as the line thins, there exists such a place as sight. And yet another by the name true sight. The latter makes a whole deal of a difference. The two are not destined to share a platform, for they hail from different worlds sources. In a dazzling display of Dominion, the Pioneer stared intently, glowing in the glory of one whose eyes are like a blazing fire as the beautiful herald before him was disarmed to the nail, her previous native domain instantly switched. He saw the chimpanzee topple head first from over her head, the raw banana preceding it. Freedom would be her crown from then on…at her disposal rather.

On impact, lights went out for some in the multitude of curious onlookers as they came face to face with the confounding mystery of the litmus. For others, lights came on with the brilliance of the sun in its splendor, a heavy blanket of deception they had for long beheld as freedom lifted in a spectacular fashion. For both, this stood as a public statement of a universal dependence on light. The continent’s retina dazzled with magnificent activity in its wake.

The invasion was not uneventful…quite naturally. It would no longer be business as usual . The Pioneer nodded in apprehension as he was led away under tight security along his colleague. Sometimes it’s too close to call, he thought to himself. He had almost missed it. The camouflaged herald had almost cleverly pulled it off! She most certainly would have pulled the carpet from under their feet following their departure, effectively aborting their progress and retaining her territorial grip over the inhabitants of the Eastern Hemisphere. As the prison doors slammed behind them, it was reminiscent the kicks of a dying horse. His caller had a point after all. He almost did not see it come though. The back lash was as real as could be.

©The Blazing Trail 2012

All rights reserved

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          1. Will do that. Gathering information, talking to people who know, or claim to know what is going on. Just can’t believe some of the things people will do from revenge and to keep their career safe from sunshine.


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