Archives For Justice

He roars in wonderous glorious cascade

Saturated in awe of prominence unparalleled

Hi voice

Like the sound of many waters

He rides in spectacular fashion

Adorned in royal golden sash mystifying

His eternal sight mirrored through blazing eyes wonder-filled

From behind the veil of a finite age speedily scrolling past

Galaxies exclaim alongside celestial hosts in their multitudes

Hailing His excellency

The one

Before all things


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Like a grand lens studiously panning the universe circumference

Discreet fashion clicking away moments within lifetime event

Shutters meticulously relaying signal in intricate detail

Vivid images come scrolling their way into the gallery universal embed

Not a frame evades the blazing gaze encased

Mystery master watch cardinal

Watching the watchers


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It spans breadth of the width

Length of the distance

Deep of the depth

Peak of the height

Infinite pulse

Transmitted via spectacle

Of the blazing eyes

Superior touch

Echoes of wavelength



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Images flow past in retrospect

Profound eternal mystery depicted

Resolution sparkles with magnificence of pixel

Shutters winking in decisive graceful precision

Spectacular frames showcasing flashback grandeur

No detail escapes the intent eye

He was




Archive secured


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He wraps himself in light

Omniscient splendor

As the game unfolds in spectacular fashion

Under his intricately watchful gaze

Arena captured within four cardinal coördinates

Global scope of universal perspective

He glows in majesty

Inspiring awe and veneration on impact

Grand match official


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