Divine trail with meaning

And insightful priceless gems

Laced with the thrill of adventure

And curiosity inexpressibly fascinating

Like magnificent beacons towering the sky they chart

Setting generational and lifetime spheres ablaze with wonder

Live feed captures talking dots in realtime spectacle commanding

Peaking at eventful scenarios engraved in eternal blue print before all things

© The Blazing Trail 2021


Through the iron gates of great impossibility

Mirrored in the face of adversity

Underlined with intense streams of tears innumerable

With all hope descended at rock bottom

Fear courting as closest companion…

There shone a light

Through the eyes of a dove

Engulfing with intensity

Revitalizing with effect

I was suddenly alive

Just like that!

*** Continue reading “I LOVE YOU!”


It is the captivating story of a grand mystery air craft on a global rendezvous whose coordinates a master pilot set in place and went to sleep before all things. As it maneuvered the intrigues, turbulence, and finer details of the eventful flight, he soundly lay asleep…for he securely held all cords together. He was surprisingly at hand exactly on the touchdown schedule to receive his guests and declare the “Mission Accomplished.” Continue reading “THE LION CUB”

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