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Inherent in peculiar universal pulse

One and all nod in harmonious synchrony of earnest yearn

Desire of the nations spectacular in glorious essence

Self actualization engraves in glorious epitome

Vertical and horizontal axis embracing in divine appointment with destiny

The dream Dream come true in magnificent fashion

Soul mind and heart securely anchored in blissful joy ever after

The King and the Kingdom

©The Blazing Trail 2017

Mirror! Mirror! Mirror!

Overture cascades through the ages until now

Like stereo echoes amplified

In crescendo

Across humanity’s multitude of sphere

And platform

Definition and understanding tilting the scales

Of discernment and unravel

Along prominence wavelength

Entrenched among mortals

Deep intensified search underway

For answers

The grand answer



Beneath veil eventful

Of the finite


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06/07/2015 — Leave a comment


Like a bride and groom


Happily ever after

Portrait sentimental

Dazzling show

Nations galore


Into soul love dance

With us

In us

Grand shade

Of consummation



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03/11/2014 — 2 Comments

Along king’s highway

Eventful all the way

Glorious stretches well up with curiosity

Till horizon far beyond


Turns spin in spectacular fashion

Pleasant surprise thrillingly lacing the motions

Plot thickens with each up and down hill maneuver

Beehive of activity

Within ride of all rides

Along King’s highway


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06/05/2013 — 2 Comments

I hear a sound

A gentle whisper at first impression

From within or without I have not a clue

Preceding mystifying torrent on my rooftop

Or so I imagine

Then I realize the story has just begun

As I perceive accompanying surge resonate in the innermost of my inner Continue Reading…