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Overriding protocol propped in fortified mortal caveat defiantly restraining

Glorious essence resiliently pursued earth’s submerge in live drench captivating

Unlikely poles headed for Siamese embrace unprecedented in ensuing spectacular aftermath

Defining of moments greeted unsuspecting world in enduring kiss of love divine

Exclusive realm dethroned in compelling cause magnanimously sustained from formidable echelons before time

Unified pulse rending the air in magnificent tempo andante before the two worlds  watching in hilarious real-time frame

Wonder galore unmatched in history and significance stunned exceedingly

A touch of the supernatural peppered with full military applause

Amid priority enforce of the gentile veto

©The Blazing Trail 2018


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Setting pace within historical lane timelessly universal

Twists overflow with thrill electrifying

Along glorious trail winding endlessly in eternal strum

Life ultimately captured within intense suspense and defining finality

No one knows what could happen

In the face of moments

Seasons and events rapidly unfolding

Glorious chords unleashing sights

Sounds and visuals




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Capping above apex of the seventh tone it resounds in electrifying blare

Setting the six senses alight with wonder and color magnificent

It roars below the ladder’s threshold in simultaneous rumble

Synchrony unmatched in precision of symphony contrast

Such exploits oozing endlessly from the eighth note

Live in action captivating


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When the ceiling of knowledge broke

Dramatic rattle

Right to the core of the universe

Stars twinkled in glorious effect

Their celestial retinue in tow

Enlightening splendor beckoning dominantly


That set in motion chain reaction unprecedented

Combing land and air in intense detail

Best of the best captured in seek mesmerizing

 Compelling quest displayed in spectacular fashion


In gallant onward trot

Toward gist of the matter


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In multiple motion of variety unfolding

Glamorous symphony mirroring

Passionate seeker’s quest


 Caped with intensity unquenched

Strum sentimental

Among follicles

Intricately casing


Nation and continent

In their numbers numerous

Strum harmonious

Of a fine tooth comb


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