There was commotion within the First House after the surprise distress call right in the middle of the night. The red blink at the high priority console signaling a looming shaking within the establishment was one of a kind. Security agents within the internal Multi-Level Response units were thrown on a momentary frenzy as they quickly ran their checks. Parameters marking the expansive grounds hosting the magnificent giant facility went on a lock-down mode,  with preliminary evaluation from the rapid response system having ruled out the prospect of external intrusion.

The state of the art roving spotlights were not missing in action as their frequencies quadrupled in intensity, bathing the luxuriant greenery around the palatial residence with a glittering brilliance as their renowned zoom facility dazzled with magic. Silhouettes of rapidly moving figures could be seen via the aerial surveillance as stealth sharp shooters moved in to take their positions, their clandestine weapons accompanying, the entire area arrayed with multiple laser beams. The multiple helipads within the quarters were a bee hive of activity as their respective units swung into action.

The deep low growls along the lush garden at the front porch underlined the presence of the lethal dark Rottweiler camouflaged under night’s cover as their handlers readied in anticipation. The interiors resonated with action, with covert agents glued to their screens as others swiftly moved to secure the rooms. I followed with abated breath as the coordinates on my screen narrowed on the target.

“No! No-no-no-it can’t be!” I muttered to myself caught in something between despair and disbelief, one hand on the screen, the other tightly clasped around my weapon’s butt tucked in my waist. I felt my heart skip a beat then begin to race fast as sweat broke on my brow. Suddenly the signal hit the target, sending ripples all around. I hit the road at supersonic speed, rapping all manner of detail via radio. I knew I would be having company soon as the Multi-Rapid-Response joined in. It was such an incredible moment. From all indications, the President was in trouble!

I came round the last bend along the long corridor leading to his bedroom, my weapon drawn. The few seconds spent during this whole drama seemed like eternity. I knew exactly what side of the bed to find him-if he was in bed. My counterpart was right on target, hurtling down from the opposite direction. There was no time to lose. We knew exactly what to do as our sprints converged right on target. With one concerted blow the heavy mahogany grudgingly gave way before us as we burst in. From the corner of the eye, a female figure quickly pulled some bedding over herself, burying herself underneath, motionless. The few meters before us were clear. My colleague rolled along the line, securing a 270 degree vantage point. A split second scan round the room aborted my calculated dive at the very last moment to the spot the head of state would have been.


He sat at the edge of the bed, half-dressed, staring at the dresser, his teary eyes staring forth, robbed of all expression. Two more agents, male and female sprung inside, their fingers on the trigger. Everything seemed to come to a standstill as the four of us exchanged uneasy glances in a moment of indecision.


Desire! When The Blazing Trail returns…


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