Plus five

Enters stoppage

And what an eventful

Interval it has been through

Not a dull moment highlights

Hopes and aspirations crescendo

Anticipating opportunity in promise

Welling up in the second half to be unboxed

© The Blazing Trail 2022


Continued from last week…

There was no little commotion in the city at the break of dawn. Cleo the local paparazzi was back with a bang, this time causing a major stir outside one of the hotels, a favourite spot for many of the city’s prominent politicians. The hotel security had been forced to intervene to keep him at bay in light of the clientele arriving for early breakfast. The area outside the hotel was awash with newspaper vendors inspired by the early bird pulse. Several political and social pundits swirled the proximity in small groupings conversing in hushed tones over the headlines.

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Logic and ceiling

Of stark visible realm

And Sigh of I can’t giants within

Beyond infinite curve of the long and winding

And finality of momentary designs viciously masquerading

Life’s priceless gems beckon from hope’s indefatigable pinnacle

Keep on believing they cheer-on in glorious melody gliding toward resounding dawn’s break

©The Blazing Trail 2021


Event of all events heralded from before time

Spectacle of the nations captured within desire’s universal core

It relays from depths untraceable transmitting from heights unprecedented

Like a glorious cascade toward horizons endlessly sparkling with magnificent beauty

Eye glues in smitten gaze amid myriad of mediums relaying most ancient of tales eventful

Exhilarating climax building up for the all defining culmination unmatched and enthroned within omniscient majestic last laugh hallowed

Sold out


© The Blazing Trail 2017


From where it’s all unfolding

Spectacle descending upon mortals in the wonder of snowflakes

It captures imaginations in captivating tons of knowledge bestowed in dramatic unleash

Quest for the smartest of them all intensified by the day in wake of decisive partition

Event beneath veil invisible curiously shapes up for the moment of moments heralded

Plot scenes falling in place courtesy of mystery twofold beheld

From somewhere up there


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Charts went reeling with effect

Prominence unprecedented showcased in dramatic manifest

Ripple effect translated to no mean figure on the Richter scale

Starring redefined in content

Style and depiction

Headline cut across multi-sphere

Diachronic thread neatly embracing heartbeat

Night of wonder






Drums rumbling in a roll

Echo of the Cymbals fills the air with aura

Intense in presence

Violin tears decisively in to the air

Player and instrument united in bond so tight and true

As ensemble delights audience glued in wonder

From the horizon patterns ceaselessly rise and fall

Seasons scrolling past

In countless twists and intrigues

Variety numerous Continue reading “DECOYS ARISING”


The vital city woke up to an unusually eventful morning. Drama had for the last two years been simmering toward an all time climax following the exultant entry of Alpha the Majestic in the vast continent. Curious citizenry milled around news vendor stands to catch a glimpse of the flashy headlines from the dailies. Business was booming within the numerous exotic city restaurants as the early risers comprising  of the middle class mainly drowned their hot cup of tea, engrossed in emotive conversation. Hundreds of the city workforce held in  a historic morning traffic jam followed proceedings via FM stations afforded in their vehicles. Continue reading “MERMAIDS OF THE BERMUDA!”


There was commotion within the First House after the surprise distress call right in the middle of the night. The red blink at the high priority console signaling a looming shaking within the establishment was one of a kind. Security agents within the internal Multi-Level Response units were thrown on a momentary frenzy as they quickly ran their checks. Parameters marking the expansive grounds hosting the magnificent giant facility went on a lock-down mode,  with preliminary evaluation from the rapid response system having ruled out the prospect of external intrusion.

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