Continued From The Signal…

He sat at the edge of the bed, half-dressed, staring at the dresser, his teary eyes staring forth, robbed of all expression. Two more agents, male and female sprung inside, their fingers on the trigger. Everything seemed to come to a standstill as the four of us exchanged uneasy glances in a moment of indecision.

It was dawning on us with incredible detail, the First Room, the nerve centre of the Nation’s moral decorum was playing host to an unusual guest this eventful evening!


“There it goes again!” Exclaimed my counterpart in boyish flicker, his eyes squinting with his head attentively angled towards the ground as if trying to pick out a remote signal. I stared at him, my face an alternate display of blank expression and amusement.

“Listen! Did you hear it? A sound…a river…conceived-running right under the establishment’s core. The mysterious link between Mississippi and the bottomless pit! Oh and the throb! It swells. At peak, nothing will stand on its way…the mighty sweep. Desire!” At the sound of Desire, the stereo twitters in the room seemed to go on a momentary mute. For one awkward moment I felt like one devoid of all brain content as I tried to process.

“To the gods of fiction haunting us and to throbbing rivers!” I made a casual toast, barely touching the tip of his glass. I was lost in the carnival mood radiating within the room, drawn helplessly. The fine aesthetics lacing the cords of ambiance made the ball room an inspiring display of awe and splendor.

The exquisitely dressed state guests laughed and conversed in low tones, half savoring the flavor within their vessels and half the captivating ambiance, with soft music flowing smoothly from the background. The flashy colors adorning the room under the glamorous crystal chandeliers was proof of justice on the evening wardrobe. They walked in pairs toward the ball room for the climax of the evening while others paid homage to their host over a fresh round of drink.

“You know, I feel a bit light-headed,” commented my counterpart.

“Serious breach of security protocol buddy. Take only air if you must take anything from here on!”

A group of army officials flanked by their gorgeous spouses milled around one of their chiefs at the centre of the room, seemingly caught in a light moment. The head of state stopped by and exchanged pleasantries before making a sharp turn into the ball room after a last-minute glance back at the military lot.

“Please tell me I’m not having hallucinations!” He continued.

“Depends on what you’re talking about. How many trees can you see?!” I teased flashing my index finger before his eyes.

“Nothing, really. I just think some handshakes are curious…longer rather more personal than others. So are some stares…Oh! There it goes again the river!” He gently scratched his fore head. “Almost a tremor now. Keeps growing this frequency! Stand by for some action shortly. It seems to me the banks could burst any time now, then all hell will break loose when desire gushes forth in Tsunami.


The Blazing Trail Continues…

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