Glorious in heritage


Captivating in beauty

You are my Motherland!

Awe inspiring in diverse composition


You have evolved


resilient, gallantly

Beaming with an enduring hope

Mark of promise

Resolve unbreakable

You’ve graciously held together

Quest for the dream

And what a voyage!

You truly stand out

Like non-other

Motherland magnanimous

I will serve you

In patriotic heartbeat

Defend you

O noble Motherland

Till end of the end

Dearly beloved

For though the expedition may wind and turn in the long of the course

Yet you shall joyously stand in victory

basking under the shadow of  ultimate

In heart buoyant

May your fortunes blossom in beauty spectacular

And may you prosper greatly

May your sunrises sparkle with dazzling splendor

Your sunsets mesmerize with golden beauty glow

And may your meadows tantalize with the bustle of life in all richness

Long live my Motherland

I will never forsake you

May your storyline inspire courage

Your generations to spur on course in strength

I bow to you

Salute you

Honor you

And seal it with resounding  kiss

My love in offertory

To My Beloved Motherland!


Dedicated to my beloved Motherland

On this auspicious Day!


©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved


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