Of goodbye

Trickled at monumental crossroads

Blend of heartfelt emotion in overwhelming outpour

Defining endings scrolled up amid simultaneous rollout of hope’s glimmer

The world pensively watching with bated breath amid curious lurk of destiny’s fate

Securely hinged on love’s mystical spectacle that would chart eternal course in triumph

Faith and sight divinely litmussed in spectacular fashion at Moab’s grand canyon’s decisive demarcation

©The Blazing Trail 2021




Overriding adversity

Resounding zest hope filled

Eye of faith resilientlly clicks away in rare spectacle

Timelessly spurring generations with priceless perspective

Love dazzling in sight giving signature at Naomi’s T Junction

Starring stellar of Moab in saving best for last

©The Blazing Trail 2020


Off the meticulous straight and narrow of the cardinal trail ancient and virtuous

Spiralling in leeward downward wind headed wild in perspective and substance

Distraction galore unfolds in swift successions thickening eventful plot with intricacies multiple

Vicious manoeuvre along bunny trail umpteenth

©The Blazing Trail 2017



There was commotion within the First House after the surprise distress call right in the middle of the night. The red blink at the high priority console signaling a looming shaking within the establishment was one of a kind. Security agents within the internal Multi-Level Response units were thrown on a momentary frenzy as they quickly ran their checks. Parameters marking the expansive grounds hosting the magnificent giant facility went on a lock-down mode,  with preliminary evaluation from the rapid response system having ruled out the prospect of external intrusion.

Continue reading “THE SIGNAL”


There was this jackpot syndrome playing games at me all along my path as I grew up. If the ultimate breakthrough was not going to be at a lottery, then it would be among the gamblers in a casino some place or a lottery at another. I was always expecting it, anxiously so. It felt this close yet elusive. I burnt my fingers a few times with con men, tripped and bruised my toes often in hostile terrains. Continue reading “THE “LIGHT” FACTOR”

Alone With The Man Eaters

There are reasons why people are in places, whether they know it or not; and regardless of the circumstances. Nothing just happens; for behind the scenes are forces that orchestrate what’s visible. The quest for greatness is endless, yet in the intricacies of the shades therein, there’s such a place as the ultimate source, the road to which persists as a confounding enigma through the ages. Amazing though is the curious observation nothing genuine has been known to exist without a counterfeit. That’s in plural. Yet a very short worded factor divides the difference extraordinaire between the two: Choice! Continue reading “Alone With The Man Eaters”

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