“There it goes again! The exact same one!” Exclaimed Tower, pointing to the sky as she gently lowered her visual aid.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Look at the Trail behind it! Such a spectacle! Magnificent! Resolute! Spectacular!” Skyscraper, the most elderly in the group marveled. “This is where our story ends!”

“Story?!” Shouted Pillar, visibly finding it difficult to hide his surprise. “Man, we are deep! Profound and stuff like that, know what I’m saying?! Ask the world!”

The old man struggled to contain the intensity rising within him, his index finger raised. “Search every record-every prediction you want and you will accurately see it was all pointing at this event. Believe it or not, this is the one enigma that will change the course of the entire universe! It will redefine Civilization in every sense of it. This dawn!” His voice was an emphatic half whisper.


“A part of me is still in wonder, denial or something in between.” Tower interjected. “Yet you really sense it right into your core there is a shifting underway all across humanity. Did you see that look on the King’s eyes? Someone is probably dead by now!”

“There goes your female intuition again!” Pillar’s rising discomfort was at bursting point. “What shifting?! Who’s dead? Isn’t this expecting a bit too much from a child? Think about it for a moment folks…”

“It’s a gift…a special gift reserved for our kind, Pillar. One you know nothing about. Absolutely! You can always find out more from your sweet expectant wife.” Pointed Tower with a cheeky tone.

“ Hey! Hold your horses! Guess we’re all in some trouble here! Think about it for a moment, just for a moment. So this child is born…”

“King, Pillar! King!” Interrupted Skyscraper, his tone denoting a tinge of impatience. “Do you remember that amazing sign in the sky soon as his star appeared?”

“That was so incredible! Oh so incredible! The moment of the ages!” Shouted Tower. “I mean this…”

“It’s my turn to speak, Tower…so this child…” Pillar was reeling with exasperation.

“I mean this one star appears and in a flash every other star in the galaxy goes dead dim…just like that gentlemen! Just like that!” She passionately proceeded as if Pillar didn’t exist.

“That’s the point. Right there!” We are part of that dimming scenario. This child is everything we have tried to resolve and discover. The epitome of all stardom and source of prominence! He brings all mystery from the end to the fore with prowess unparalleled, holding it together and to the detail in precision breathtaking.  Our role fades his sparkles. ”He will be insurmountable, till the culmination of his cause! Our story ends here, so, that goes for you too, Pillar!

“We have accurately foretold the rise and fall of many stars. As it is, we’ve been the indisputable custodians of superior wisdom and knowledge. Kingdoms, Nations and princes have looked up to us for insights, predictions and counsel. Our undisputed fame precedes us in every respect as ones in touch with the extraordinary. Supernatural.

“Not any longer! No one, nothing will outshine or outlive him, not in this civilization…not ever…till the end of time. He is the divinely concealed and missing link through the generations that has finally and neatly fallen in place! The seal is broken. His arrival unlocks all mystery! The desire of the ages! His light will blaze the world over with such unquenchable intensity. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you light divine.” They all followed the discourse in child like awe.

“A big part of me feels so much at peace,” Tower picked up. “Our remarkably industrious quest through the centuries…generations, many intricate details involved. It was him all along wasn’t it?! All about him…so near yet so far away. Her light chuckle echoed the heart of one lost in intense wonder. He is finally here! Feels like being released from a spell. I wonder what took him so long!”

“What’s going on here? Who exactly is this child? Someone please explain to me!” Pillar blurted out in frustration.

“This King!” Skyscraper interjected impatiently… To be Continued!

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