“A big part of me feels so much at peace,” Tower picked up. “Our remarkably industrious quest through the centuries…generations, many intricate details involved. It was him all along, wasn’t it?! All about him…so near yet so far away. Her light chuckle echoed the heart of one lost in intense wonder. He is finally here! Feels like being released from a spell. I wonder what took him so long!”

“What’s going on here? Who exactly is this child? Someone please explain to me!” Pillar blurted out in frustration.

“This King!” Skyscraper interjected impatiently.

“Child…Fine child king…king…child! show me the big deal!” He pulled violently at his reins, causing  his animal to stagger. “Goodness! I feel so small! I have to see to believe! He better have a crown on his head when I get there! I’m serious!”

“I will never forget that murderous look through the king’s eyes,” said Tower. “Then his face! It mirrored something profound…like it wasn’t really him. For a moment he appeared to me as a captured vessel, one representing a reality way beyond what’s physically visible. I mean think about it, infants don’t run palaces. He  probably will be dead by the time this baby makes it to teenage.”

“You forgot something right there, Tower!” Pillar interrupted. “If he makes it to teenage alive! We are not hearing the end of this intuition drift are we? You just made a big point right there though, I must admit. It’s a big paradox this one. Come to think of it. That must mean the child represents a reality way beyond as well. Exactly what happens when two worlds collide. The star-wars manifest. We are of course right at the center of it. And that’s almost by fate. This child is destined for greatness thus, right? I hope when my wife goes on labor, it’s to usher in a daughter!” The prolonged laughter reverberated on the hills across the plains.

“The battle rages on, the wonder must gallantly sparkle, decisively on the homestretch  till every captive samples out the authentic scent of freedom in choice, every pocket of darkness is laid bare and everything falsely known as light has been found out. Deception routed. In great privilege, we stand at the grand threshold.” Skyscraper joyfully hummed his latest composition, his arms outstretched with the rest staring at him in amazement.

“There is something peacefully inviting in this celestial wonder. A phenomena whose foundations precedes set seasons and time as we know it…before all things. A secure anchor that tells you it will be okay for every eye illuminated with its substance. Some rise to be part of the wandering motion, others to join the shooting league. It goes without saying this one has risen with a clear distinction. My intuition tells me it has a sure destination for its trail, working with an end in sight right from this humble beginning we all gaze at. There lies the big difference between this and any other known star from the constellations in the millions of their galaxies. There lies the big difference folks, the destination factor.”

“God bless your intuition Tower!” teased Pillar mischievously.

Sky scraper sighed heavily, staring thoughtfully into the sky, his tone gently oozing authority and great conviction. “I am advanced in years and grateful to the heavens for the opportunity to witness this glorious culmination;dawn rather, before I am on my way to the other side. What an honor. You all unlike me hopefully have lots of time in your hands. Strive earnestly in your ambition to find your definition, meaning and significance within this star, child or king whichever works for you. You will be wise indeed to consider heeding. Graciously so. Your onus. As for me, I am hot in pursuit, captured in purpose, especially in its wake.  Hope to see you on the other side!


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