Mirror! Mirror! Mirror!

Overture cascades through the ages until now

Like stereo echoes amplified

In crescendo

Across humanity’s multitude of sphere

And platform

Definition and understanding tilting the scales

Of discernment and unravel

Along prominence wavelength

Entrenched among mortals

Deep intensified search underway

For answers

The grand answer



Beneath veil eventful

Of the finite


Like curtain raisers

Fading in and out

Amid calm

Just before the spectacle

Pinnacle exclusive

When imperfection is definitively eclipsed

By perfection unprecedented

Beauty awe-inspiring

Setting the core of being alight

Embodiment of celebrity unveiled

Glorious vivid distinction

Like splendor

Of one riding on the clouds

Dense silence ensues in reckoning

In the meantime

Mirror! Mirror! Mirror!

Overture fills the air

In screen saver interlude


© The Blazing Trail 2015

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