Along king’s highway

Eventful all the way

Glorious stretches well up with curiosity

Till horizon far beyond


Turns spin in spectacular fashion

Pleasant surprise thrillingly lacing the motions

Plot thickens with each up and down hill maneuver

Beehive of activity

Within ride of all rides

Along King’s highway


Detour unfriendly

Left and right bait alike

It builds up in full throttle

Cruise on course

Intensity of focus shades clear perspective

Sustained in monumental zeal

Along King’s highway

Ride of all rides


Elated community graces in accompaniment

Kindred lot spicing the adventure

Memorably defining moments


And opportunity

Dots come joyously joining together

Along King’s highway

Master artiste vividly depicting

He stands out

Epitome of excellence


He is before all things

In him

All things hold together


© The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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