I hear a sound

A gentle whisper at first impression

From within or without I have not a clue

Preceding mystifying torrent on my rooftop

Or so I imagine

Then I realize the story has just begun

As I perceive accompanying surge resonate in the innermost of my inner

Curiosity arising, heartbeat accelerating

It is raining, if my imagination is not playing games at me

A new world beckoning

I see analogue diminish in drastic fashion

In face of boundless; infinite

My mouth unsuccessfully tries to articulate glorious picture on sight



Beauty indescribable

My eyes dazzle

Doing the watching and talking simultaneously

Captured in a moment akin to immortality

Fulfillment epitome

I am like one in a trance

Then like one airborne

Blazing to discover what lay beyond the limits of utter space

As the flow surges in loving embrace

I behold the endearing current

Personal, overwhelmingly potent; incredibly tender

Current of Love


There is this warmth…

This fire



I fear I’m sliding to utter destruction on consuming impact

Then I sense the best of me glow to the fore in ongoing transaction

I watch speechless

My defenses melt away almost effortlessly

My fears dwindle in amazing fashion

I am like one fused

I could conquer the world

I guess I’m losing myself

Known to unknown

Don’t know what will happen

Neither do I want to miss what could happen

In the Current of Love


And so the river flows

Barriers subduing

Ceaseless adventure revealing

Action unprecedented

I am free

It dawns on me I can do all things

In the flow of the current

It is now official

I am lost deep within

The First Wonder; before all things; And the last Laughter of the civilization

Author of the rain, fire and the river

The whisper

And the roar


In the mix of the current

Love boundless


©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved

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