From that tiny pocket within global spectrum

Humble abode discreet

Tale of monumental proportions flowed out

Breaking multiple walls along human membrane

Heartwarming merge of passion and intent

Mighty flood magnificent

Overflowing with grace

To the ends of the earth


Lights shone

Dazzling brilliance setting stage alive

Microphone boom swung instantly in place

Camera rolling

In mother of all broadcasts

Script infallible sweeping over the pages

Progressive fashion

Cast and crew fortified in their element


Beaming live

To the ends of the earth


And so it continues day and night

Festive essence punctuating

Substance and certainty of the season

Slow but sure forward movement

Till mission is accomplished

The ends of the earth resonating

With beauty blossom


Tale of tales

Has won over

Every heart and soul


The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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