It glowed with electrifying thrill while it lasted

Shinning its radiance in glorious prism

Generous magnificent smile

That graciously spun the entire three sixty

Presiding over

Assortment of mixed fortune

It’s gone before it could start

Emotional sunset that now bids goodbye

 From the horizon


New dawn beckons in its wake

 To receive baton of time


Amid sunrise glamorous

Shrouded in romp and pomp

Kiss of a new slate in offing

It’s all systems go

Expectancy saturating atmosphere

Plush meadow lacing

A touch of

Intricate aesthetic


So this is for you

For being there through it all

Making the adventure worth the while

Your friendship inspiring strength

For that next step

Somehow we’ve got here together

For the fresh start

Thank you

For the priceless gift

And see you

At the touch-line


©The Blazing Trail 2014

All Rights Reserved

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