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29/12/2014 — Leave a comment

It glowed with electrifying thrill while it lasted

Shinning its radiance in glorious prism

Generous magnificent smile

That graciously spun the entire three sixty

Presiding over

Assortment of mixed fortune

It’s gone before it could start

Emotional sunset that now bids goodbye

 From the horizon


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From that tiny pocket within global spectrum

Humble abode discreet

Tale of monumental proportions flowed out

Breaking multiple walls along human membrane

Heartwarming merge of passion and intent

Mighty flood magnificent

Overflowing with grace

To the ends of the earth


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Winding through life’s heartbeat in gradual tempo

It brings life and light to the marvelous course universal

Sweeping through the mind in tranquil rays solidly rooted



Like a river


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Overwhelming in intensity

Sentimental bliss

So warm


And true

Defying every shade of elastic limit


A love so selflessly giving

The father’s love


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18/12/2012 — 31 Comments

Through the iron gates of great impossibility

Mirrored in the face of adversity

Underlined with intense streams of tears innumerable

With all hope descended at rock bottom

Fear courting as closest companion…

There shone a light

Through the eyes of a dove

Engulfing with intensity

Revitalizing with effect

I was suddenly alive

Just like that!

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