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Race against time ever exhilarating in growing measure by the day

Paints power of the moment engraved within mystery unfolding in subtle urgent fashion

Retrospective forecast spelling out today in intricate detail eventful

Painted in conscient wavelength comprehensively reverberating across seven dialects of the rainbow

Purpose and passion sentimentally embraced in defining miles relayed within sobering click of the stopwatch

©The Blazing Trail 2017

The magic

Thrilling unfold

Heart of hearts

Passion’s engine

Above barrier


And obstacle

Fired up



Captured in it


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From that tiny pocket within global spectrum

Humble abode discreet

Tale of monumental proportions flowed out

Breaking multiple walls along human membrane

Heartwarming merge of passion and intent

Mighty flood magnificent

Overflowing with grace

To the ends of the earth


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01/10/2013 — 4 Comments

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to hide

No where but love

Guess I am captured

By the passion

Embraced within the Trail

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29/04/2013 — 6 Comments

Inviting, irresistible, drawing in tantalizing fashion to the Promised Land

A terminally elusive destination dotted with infinite mirages

Heartbeat of false promise

Passion along course of wrong turn

Full flight down the bottomless pit

Pull of the crater mouth in full zest

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