Charts went reeling with effect

Prominence unprecedented showcased in dramatic manifest

Ripple effect translated to no mean figure on the Richter scale

Starring redefined in content

Style and depiction

Headline cut across multi-sphere

Diachronic thread neatly embracing heartbeat

Night of wonder




Plot rapidly thickened by the moment

On course hitherto

Metanarrative glowing magnificently

Spreading glorious wings of scope in display stunning

And marvelous

Background track strummed of torrents westward


Pinnacle of the box office

Knowing no elastic limit


Of the blockbuster


The twists and turns are riveting

Intrigues without match

Suspense reload

Story line phenomenal

In magnitude and multitude

Of scene

And episode


From the eastern sphere in action

 Lights spring to life

Awe inspiring spectacle

Theater bursting at the seams

Audience universal

Captivated to the very core

Master blockbuster



© The Blazing Trail  2014

All Rights Reserved


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