In between the sustained rhythmic rumble of the drums

Pace setting in life-live tempo

Propelled by decisive pierce of the cornet

Blare of astute trombone in systemic jerk

Crowning deep hum of the tuba amid assertive long press

Climax hits right on point in full showing

Tearing right into tranquil airwaves

Echoes come reverberating in sonic cascade

Marvel resonating 360 in global pan

All eyes rise to see


As compass breaks in quart swing of curious expectancy

My hand rises in full salute

Eye shielding

As dazzling sheen of duo pane waves in hilarious curly rebound

And the voice within Cymbal’s luster begins to paint

Marvel profound

For the eye to behold

Joyful bliss


It is in the assurance the climax will be right on target

Never disappointing

Joining elements of the procession together in assortment

Precision unmatched

It is the alloy sumtotal

Finely blended within the glory emitting twin surface

That sends peace to my soul in scented glow

Tells me the pieces will hold together

That in the end-just at the right moment; that defining syllable

When the incorruptible surface meet in seal

Story will be unveiled in definitive detail

This voice from the Cymbal’s luster tells me things

Engraving marvelous tales and images beyond comprehension

Awakening my innermost in ways unique to mystery within



The voice in the Cymbal’s luster opens my eyes to see

Shedding intently right into the deep

Securely leading round tense bends of uncertainty

Propelling high above wildest expectations

Best of me in kinetic

Guiding safely ashore

Voice within the Cymbal’s luster tells me it’s true

He holds all things together

In exclusive signature

Before all things

©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved


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