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Before defining templates embracing words in their coherent mould and multiple definition

Long before landmark advent of knowledge and infinite designs in their ultra color and pomp

Anchor securely holding all things together in seamless fashion eternally excellent in signature

Comprehensively preceding tectonic plates albeit their prominence divinely unparalleled

Heralding mortal order from infinite depths beneath nether

Alpha majestic chords bountifully rising from wellspring immortal

Limes below sea level

©The Blazing Trail 2017


They pose in mesmerize laden with awe overwhelming

Pensive stares punctuate their breath abated

Curious eye prominent narrowed in deep reflection

Combing vertical and horizontal spheres in intricate detail

Inexpressible joint marvel greets sustained bid

To interpret sound glorious

Sound of many waters echoing from echelons in horizon near and far

Kings and kingdoms await in guarded posture

Their retinue and nations in faithful full tow

For the mystery to unravel in heralded day-time-and moment

Mystery most ancient

Before all things


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08/08/2016 — Leave a comment

Something akin to the ear of the beholder

Echoes of strums along the solfa notation intricate

They resonate within the harmonious scale in their multitudes of genre

Melting the heart in a dazzling unified pulse glowing

Hope towers high beyond the skies

Merging finite with immortality in blend peculiar

Overflowing with love


Captured within the favorite song

Filling the airwaves


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16/12/2013 — 2 Comments

Without a hint

Or warning

It descended upon us

A scene from dream world

Loaded with event

Wonderland manifest

Where wishes reign supreme

With horses in their hosts

We were caught-in


 Spell bound

Drenched in divine grip

Loving embrace




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Glowing like no other




Non ever after


Light giving




Brilliance awe striking


That overflowed with life abundance


She sparkled


Leaving a blazing trail in her wake


West bound


Without equal




Fairest of them all


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