In between the sustained rhythmic rumble of the drums

Pace setting in life-live tempo

Propelled by decisive pierce of the cornet

Blare of astute trombone in systemic jerk

Crowning deep hum of the tuba amid assertive long press

Climax hits right on point in full showing

Tearing right into tranquil airwaves

Echoes come reverberating in sonic cascade

Marvel resonating 360 in global pan

All eyes rise to see

Eventful Continue reading “VOICE WITHIN THE CYMBAL’S LUSTER”

From Hero to Villain

I woke up that morning and there was the soul penetrating wall hanging with silver inscriptions: “He searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts,” read the untitled message with a golden microscope beside it. For some time this treasured decoration had remained obscured from my attention. Continue reading “From Hero to Villain”

Bull’s Eye!

Alpha was reflective as he walked down the mountain that beautiful summer morning. “This is the day!” He sighed in contemplation. His band would be joining him anytime now. He admired the beautiful scenery coloring the green slopes of the mountain as he inhaled deeply from the fresh breeze gently sweeping across his face. Underneath the veil of the day lay a great unfolding reality. A closely guarded secret. He knew from the bottom of his heart this day would be like none other. Continue reading “Bull’s Eye!”

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