Along the dry

And weary of time

And life ever so eventful

Treassures so divinely timeless

Flowing from jars finitely shaped

Light and life giving in universal scope

Spectre of the camel lighting in live continental pan

The Blazing Trail 2019


The timing was just perfect, on the night-light definitively tore through darkness. On it came, effectively redefining the element of surprise in ultimate pleasant perfection, within the rich tranquil  envelope that was. A magnificent spectacle gushing profusely from unsearchable depths before time showcased in wonder heartwarming.


Beaming from twin blazing lamps enthroned within prominent dark mane, the land basked in glorious ambience, radiating stunning brilliance, and wavelength so warm and divine. The light man exclaimed joyfully amid glorious invasion in live feed. Suddenly immortality glowed in deep mesmerize in face of infinite dazzle unfolding. City and village embraced in sustained sentimental ballad that would resiliently endure the long and winding eternal stretch.


Pinnacle of wisdom and peasantry in their coveted color and mystery flooded the scene. Enlightened dual caravan in express priority course blazing in beehive of activity northward bound, a trail of timeless retinue in tow. Seeker’s pulse adorned her every stride in unprecedented fashion reminiscing the deer’s pant epitome. Night of wonder beyond measure trickled upon heart and soul in benevolent bounty, peace and goodwill in endless ooze, hope fortified ever more.


Amid tantalizing rumble of the drumsticks rose a smiting yodel that instantly united the four coordinates in universal symphony of praise. Nape follicles elated in exquisite glow. Echoes of freedom reverberated near and far, heralding seal of the aisle. Cymbals’ sheen sparkled beyond multiple cascade of the horizons, punctuating the glorious harmony that saturated the air with awe inexpressible


Then came the roar of the deep base at the interval with such flawless precision. It reminisced the grooms knowing hum along peculiar scale J-Major. Nations marveled uncontrollably. Covens in the belly of the night reeled with effect in ensuing aftermath that dumbfounded them in absolute pandemonium. Vice frozen mid stride, the roaming villain decisively routed – irredeemably. The eagle and the lion posed in signature full salute, the white shark alive in a twirl of honor. Glory! Virtuous triumph – On the night-light definitively tore through darkness.


©The Blazing Trail 2017


Winding gloriously through nations’ terrains

From beginnings undocumented

Graceful flow overwhelming with  love compassionate

Beauty uncensored

Cultures dazzle in unifying heartbeat

Awash with rare sweet flavor

whetting taste buds with unprecedented indulgence frenzy


Like micro antennas unreservedly reaching out to tap

Involuntary spectacle reflex


Magnificently mirrored

within watercourse

Flowing by


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Ground operation advances

Courtesy of stalwarts

Multiple units in synchronized multitude of dialect

Action empowered

Breathtaking prowess marks every stride

Majestic and eventful

Strength insulated in weakness

On target in cause and essence

Under cover of air surveillance


And reinforcement


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Like a river

Long and winding

Refreshing in its maneuver eventful

Life giving torrent

Like a messenger of hope

Shooting forth

Glory train

Spurring heart soul and spirit


Flooding the nations

Each one of them

By name


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Like a bride and groom


Happily ever after

Portrait sentimental

Dazzling show

Nations galore


Into soul love dance

With us

In us

Grand shade

Of consummation



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