Andante-andante the crochet gleefully maneuvers

Tandem with author’s artistic steer

All time Master

Majestic in outlook

I behold in glorious glimpse the skillful motions

Successively flashing past

Akin the wind’s progression

Mystery in source and destination

That in deep


The curves are well calculated

Punctuations on point

One link to the next

Andante in awe-inspiring tempo

His affirming smile perceived from deep within resonates at heart

Sequel winding in slow but sure meander

Crochet navigating in back and forth



Image unfolding in magnificent blossom

I sometimes dream

It’s shooting from terrestrial to celestial

Zeal unquenched


There are moments of tears

Laughter still

And times reflection takes to the fore

In daily configuration of life

Just as it’s meant to be

As the procession meticulously

Glides across the seven seas

Amid Splendor of the moon

Glory of the sun

Awe of the stars

In assorted witness

Galaxy of arrays

Pattern rhythmic


Like a fetus

I curiously wait under thimble’s course

For the grand unveiling

Of masterpiece unsearchable

In making

Blue print universal

Color of grand finality

Majesty unassailable

Fool proof

For he is before all things

And in him all things hold together!

©The Blazing Trail 2013

All rights reserved



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