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Conspicuously staring like an anchor among variety of shapes designs and images

Wetting artiste’s taste buds with deep appetite beyond description

Creativity’s best is unleashed in defining unlock of universal potential beyond pinnacle’s portrait

Ancient spectacle captivating one and all on sight and profound impact ingrained

Shrouded by mystery and beaming with ceaseless hope within dual side of the eventful eternal coin

Curiously drawing inspiration and strength for tomorrow in real-time fashion en route

Thanks to the rugged shape prominently elevated

Within rugged terrain

©The Blazing Trail 2017



Of true substance

Pure aroma

Lovely outlook

Excellent touch

Praise worthy report

Beyond Firewall



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Songs of open heaven

Springs well up in the desert

Nourish refreshing

Secure paths carved from impossibility

Lights on

Magnificent grandeur

Gravity has no pull Continue Reading…

Pinnacle 1

(Image credits-Google)

Lights went out

Flare of emotion


Echoes of Ramah

Abated breath on impact

On the day Pinnacle of Bethlehem


Set out in motion

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Lens rolls in fine-tune


Interpretation in progress

Image advancing

 From a distance


Within mist of time

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