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Kindred rhythm

Humming before all things

Through time and space in knowing resonance

Lights come on in perfect synchrony echoing down eternity 

Peace on earth good will to all men in life giving dawn and relish ever after

© The Blazing Trail 2018



Rhyme of days

Reminiscent nerve centre

Fervently throbbing before all things

Live signal rends the air all land and sea

Saturating fashion gloriously overflowing to eternity

Consistency unmatched in time and essence infinitely cascading

©The Blazing Trail 2018


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After all

Eventful culmination

Captivating at heart and sight

Profound spectacle in universal display

Awe inspiring across cumulative five sense sphere

The sound of freedom greets one and all with joyous applause

Endlessly cascading from before all things toward moment to come

©The Blazing Trail 2018


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By him

For him

Through him

For such a time as this

Radiating in exclusive frequency

Real time pulse underlines riveting signature

Giving meaning and direction in flawless interpretation

Divine design sparkles in unparalleled fashion inviting and fulfilling

Sing of time unveiled in spectacular fashion heartwarming and hope filled

©2018 The Blazing Trail


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Highlighting the course in potently vivid landmarks

Wisdom sparkles in unparalleled wavelength glowing in eternal design

Purpose and meaning unfold on the flip of the plot ever thickening in exhilarating pulse

Divine marvel greets the audience in confounding mystery unravelling

Talking dots painting sign of the time in eventful exclusive spectacle

Color of love unveiled in universal signature heartwarming and personal

©2018 The Blazing Trail