Something spectacular

Dazzlingly magnificent


Almost always happens

At the count of three!

Breathtakingly seized in the sight of the swimmers’ dive

Airborne wonder

Defined as the choir tears right into the master piece at the grand finale

And you know it has a touch of three when the athletes, catapulted by the gun-shot take to their lanes in stunning display

They know there will be no turning back

Zeal,resolve and focus at their best

Especially at the threshold of three!


 Stadia explodes

Hand on brow

Thrill of anticipation

Mouths agape…

Freedom of expression-next level

Expectancy an all time high

Eyes securely captured in spell-bound pan

Faces flash in quick progression of expression numerous

Space saturated with chords of celebration rending the mesosphere

There is something in the air

Aha moment

Her fuel…



New Horizons rise to meet the participants

As many as are on course

prospects limitless

Recent intrigues of near apocalypse suddenly dwarfed in the defining inconsequence of rear

Roses blossom in scented meadow breeze of the prose-Beauty indescribable

Highways sparkling with wonder inviting …to a future overflowing with promise

Uphill buzzes with the thrill of inspiration

Stakes are high at the count of three

Towards an end so compellingly vital

Where dreams come true

And certainty is certain…

For he is before all things

And in him all things hold together

Happy 2013!


  “Elephants Drinking Water!” Your bet is as good as mine, when The Blazing Trail returns next week!

©2012 The Blazing Trail

All rights reserved

10 thoughts on “AT THE COUNT OF THREE!

  1. I’m looking forward to what 2013 holds for us as in your poem “Highways sparkling with wonder inviting …to a future overflowing with promise” ~~ where dreams come true! Happy New Year and wishing you many blessings, happiness and success.


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