T w o

F i v e

Numbers odd

And even in dutiful stretch fruitful

Colour and celebration abounds two upwards

But one is acutely stuck, literally and terminally

Amid chief steward’s guard of honor inspecting

In grand culmination when all is said and done

© The Blazing Trail 2019



Love in ripple effect

Stretches to the ends of the earth

Magnanimous embrace endeering ceaselessly

Bouyantly rising above default prejudice ensnaring

Breaking walls in resolute course toward universal love symphony

© The Blazing Trail 2019



Veiled subtly

Obedience tried

And proven definitively

Power in humble pulse gallantly showcasing

Feel meticulously checked at heart throb in virtuous prevail

Messy sight beaming live in exultant exclusive signature ray captivate

Beneath the mud screen saver

©The Blazing Trail 2019



Wonder of wonders

Unfolding in exclusive realtime frequency

Four coordinates romp in tumultuous rapture awestriking

Amid chariots of fire outriding in magnificent show of might

Glorious ancient phenomena stuns with eyes consuming with fire

His retinue in tow of confounding magnitude and eternal splendor

©The Blazing Trail 2019


Beaming with stunning all-knowing radiance from echelons before time

Resolute wavelength cascades through season and time in buoyant motion overcoming

Test of time premieres in litmus showcase prominently watermarking eventful due process

Multiple emotion welling up in voluminous proportion along the long and winding plot proceeding grand culmination

Last chuckle of the alpha steals the show in magnificent fashion unparalleled

Exclusively calling out virtue from vice in the fullness of time

Divine anthem

Decisively saving the best for last

©The Blazing Trail 2018



Deeper than the sea in its dense eventful leap

Higher than the sky in infinite glorious tower

Stronger than might showcasing in captivating glow immeasurable

Ever renewing in stunning myriad of possibility

Like a sweet fountain ceaselessly overflowing with life refreshing

No history stalks in triumphant buoyant trail onward

Awesome cascade resiliently unfolding in insurmountable pulse

The greatest of them all

©The Blazing Trail 2018


Off the meticulous straight and narrow of the cardinal trail ancient and virtuous

Spiralling in leeward downward wind headed wild in perspective and substance

Distraction galore unfolds in swift successions thickening eventful plot with intricacies multiple

Vicious manoeuvre along bunny trail umpteenth

©The Blazing Trail 2017



Where hope prevails in divine heaps and bounds beyond all limit and barrier

Strength overflows within and without in electrifying aftermath most joyful and eventful

Impossibility subdued in myriad of possibilities ceaselessly welling up in divine signature ever after

Epitome of personal touch showcased in profoundly heartfelt compassion unparalleled in time and eternity

Abundant love captivating soul heart and spirit in bountiful fashion irresistibly inviting

Hope affirmed in towering immortal life signature amid stir of the pool

Stir thirty-nine

©The Blazing Trail 2017


Like steps inspiring rare direction ever forging forward in resolute peculiar stride

Epitome of consistency flowing against the grain…accelerated spur against counter tide

Northward dynamites stand out as virtuous skyscrapers across timeless generations

Like divine messengers bearing hope they refreshingly grace times days and seasons among expectant mortals

Rising to the occasion in ceaseless gusto…each stride a calculated mystery dumbfounding critic and admirer in countless captivating twist

Marching gallantly from known to the unknown infinite horizon in symbiotic dance with destiny unpredictably exhilarating

Leg…ace…y engraved in chosen immortal footsteps along the universal straight and narrow lane

Above disuade and mulitplicity of the all entangling pricetag

From whence populace must compellingly find their way beyond the veil

©The Blazing Trail 2017

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