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Color of resilience brilliantly radiating



And affirmation

Crowning aura of his countenance


Suddenly sky gives way to infinity of opportunity

Ceiling ripped in spur


Of the big brother


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You tore down the runway

Bubbling with trust

Raring to go

On a take-off like no other

History re-defining

High into a sky shrouded

You rose

Dense mystique beckoning

Then you went quiet

Unusually so

Just as suddenly as you had soared up

From the ground

Into the grip of your captor


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Continued From The Signal…

He sat at the edge of the bed, half-dressed, staring at the dresser, his teary eyes staring forth, robbed of all expression. Two more agents, male and female sprung inside, their fingers on the trigger. Everything seemed to come to a standstill as the four of us exchanged uneasy glances in a moment of indecision.

It was dawning on us with incredible detail, the First Room, the nerve centre of the Nation’s moral decorum was playing host to an unusual guest this eventful evening! Continue Reading…


“A big part of me feels so much at peace,” Tower picked up. “Our remarkably industrious quest through the centuries…generations, many intricate details involved. It was him all along, wasn’t it?! All about him…so near yet so far away. Her light chuckle echoed the heart of one lost in intense wonder. He is finally here! Feels like being released from a spell. I wonder what took him so long!”

“What’s going on here? Who exactly is this child? Someone please explain to me!” Pillar blurted out in frustration.

“This King!” Skyscraper interjected impatiently. Continue Reading…


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Through the iron gates of great impossibility

Mirrored in the face of adversity

Underlined with intense streams of tears innumerable

With all hope descended at rock bottom

Fear courting as closest companion…

There shone a light

Through the eyes of a dove

Engulfing with intensity

Revitalizing with effect

I was suddenly alive

Just like that!

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