Continued from last week’s Land Mine of the Great Trek…

It’s been said unlike poles attract. As the luminary flew his jet over the plain there was no doubt in his mind he represented an extreme contrast to the kindred underneath. The thought their identity would ultimately take dominion over the earth gave him a strongly repulsive churn in his stomach laced with monumental proportions of anger. As he casually glanced over the detonator, he knew he had turned into a different person. He knew he was doing the wrong thing. But then it’s whom he had become! How could he be so wrong yet feel so right? For he found himself knowing one thing yet by contrast doing a different one all together, this with a guarded eerie sense of ease.

A heated conflict arose within him. He unsuccessfully tried to recall the place he had crossed the line; the moment he must have given up his right and freedom to do what he knew; the day he had fallen headlong and irreversibly in the ravenous clutches of SELF where he was now wallowing helplessly, his soul traded over. He had come such a long way to reconcile it all now. It simply did not matter anymore. The conscience sear was way too advanced a stage. He felt like one bound…a stubborn soul…a robot bordering on witchcraft. Bound by a curse that had a legal right to his will. Sound of the inevitable! It did not matter how much he knew. He had long sold his will to another-a higher reality. Somehow he knew his fate was as good as sealed.

Right and wrong was relative at this seemingly peak level of his metamorphosis. Judgment for either or seemed his exclusive role! Or was it?! What difference did it make any way? It was hard for him to admit at this point but he watched himself in utter disbelief, boldly and effortlessly relegating the big picture, thanks to the sumptuous dangling carrot, in a strange move to eclipse truth in a  joint lethal catastrophe of cold shoulder and blind eye. Long-term preferred over short-term, finite over infinite, crucial shortchanged with trivial. Supernatural with natural. Invisible for the visible: The story of two worlds terminally at war. For him, the writing was on the wall, better still in black and white. It didn’t matter how much he knew for as he was discovering, a bit too late though, of fundamental importance was which of the two worlds one represented, for there lay the all defining custodianship of will which dictates the soul in heart, mind, spirit and body. His was securely in the hands of the carrot. And it did not have all day to wait!

He encircled his lucrative target one more time spreading over the expansive plain and came descending upon the unsuspecting kindred, ready to unleash terror from all faculties. His indicators confirmed the landmine was in place. There was not a chance of survival even for the luckiest. This would be the day truth would be wiped off the map of the world. Maybe he had something to be proud of after all. Maybe he was really at the verge of making history. Maybe it was worth the carrot or the carrot worth the effort, he thought to himself as he lowered his thumb on the detonator,his face displaying great anticipation.

“Your long miserable trek just got nastier folks!” He sarcastically muttered to himself.

There is a confounding difference being before a moment, better still being caught up in the wonder of “before all things” and being within a moment…the kind that distinguishes the profound contrast between being a bearer of data and being the source of the same. The screen saver isn’t often the real deal… And the luminary just got ripe for a fire baptism…Next on the grand finale!

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