“I will be a dear friend to your allies and your antagonists’ worst nightmare…”

Sometimes, the less one knows the safer it is for them. I guess this was the one message ringing loud and clear in the luminary’s mind at the end of the most eventful episode. And what a dramatic encounter this had been! It is one thing knowing what is right… a different matter all together, one of absolute contrast, making an intentional choice to do it…harder still, doing it. It comes as no information at all the hostile tag of war in progress between these two worlds: Knowing and Doing! Even with the writing clearly on the wall. The battle terminally rages on, even now as we speak.

Deep within lies that profound admiration and admission; spoken, dormant…sometimes silent. An admission of the existence of such a place, choice and path as “Good.” And the central role the heart plays in the decisive transaction for or against. This only serves to accelerate the myriad of perspective rays because making the choice for Good…for the best interest of her cause is not always in the default settings. The plot thickens when Good becomes relative in aspects of interpretation. It calls for the straight and narrow in its ideal altitude, where conflict of interest exists not. And Good is the sole guiding light, with self magnanimously submitted under. No left or right twists are allowed in this highly coveted, widely publicized yet equally elusive realm of deed. Many neither find it nor endure through in walk.For though bearing a much longed for magnificent and infinite reward, it comes at a cost. A high cost. The desire to shortchange it with finite sumptuous gains is real and constant too. For more often than not the heart’s reality revolves around what is visible.

The trouble with the carrot is its uncanny tendency to show up at times one would wish to have been rather blind. Through it all, it significantly amplifies sight, literary! Especially when persistently dangling strategically along the parameter walls of the straight and narrow. A sustained catalyst for the right and left twists, it’s always a matter of time,for everyone has their price tag: Breaking point! When knowing and doing part company and duplicity takes center stage on wards, with  conscience seared beyond redemption as practice makes perfect.

Betrayal, manipulation, back stage designs, and numerous shades of treachery and trappings capitalizing on opponents’ weakness almost effortlessly grab the headlines, as the helpless victim is consumed by the monstrous creature; Self. For while the mouth utters one thing, action utters the extreme contrast: The Double Agent fame perfected in the exclusive arena of intriguing intricacies,the carrot dangling more appealingly. Virtue squatters in diminished periphery, her identification name tag: “Endangered Species.” One gets handsomely famed for wielding influence below the belt in broad day light while another gets waylaid and fatally battered for their naivety. It subtly narrows down to one simple incredible principle: Survival for the bad and the ugly!

It has been said unlike poles attract. As the luminary flew his jet over the plain there was no doubt in his mind he represented an extreme contrast to the kindred underneath. The thought their identity would ultimately take dominion over the earth gave him a strongly repulsive churn in his stomach laced with monumental proportions of  anger. As he casually glanced over the detonator, he knew he had turned into a different person. He knew he was doing the wrong thing. But then it’s whom he had become! That’s a story for another day! Up Next…

The Blazing Trail 2012

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  1. “…at all the hostile tag of war in progress between these two worlds: Knowing and Doing! ”

    You use of language is very unique.

    “…and numerous shades of treachery.” There is only one color for betrayal – blood black.


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